We are giving away 50 FREE Spotify invites!

UPDATE: We only have 10 more invites to give away. Hurry up!

Your friends at weloveviral.com are now giving away 50 free Spotify invites. What is Spotify? It’s a service much like iTunes, but faster, and more versatile and free (If you have an invite). I love it, I haven’t touched my iTunes or any other music source since I found Spotify. Spotify is God's gift to music, check it out here if you still dont know what it is.
Now, to get an invite you must leave a comment stating why you should get one. The 50 best comments will get the invite by e-mail. So dont forget to add your mail address to the comment. Now tell all your friends, and good luck!

Best wishes,


marcus said...

Hi, I've been actively seeking a Spotify invite for weeks. The closest I came to one was through a friend who promised me his last invite. However, that promise was not kept - the invite went to a girl instead.

So please, be better than my "friend" and grace me with an invite.


ContagesBros said...

Marcus: Your wish is granted. But please add your e-mail or we can't invite you.

Marcus Sohlberg said...

Oh how stupid of me, almost shoot myself in the foot there.

Email: marcus.sohlberg85@gmail.com

Many thanks,

Philip said...

Ohhh yes I want!!!! I´ve had the same problem as you Marcus, I´ve been looking everywhere to find a faster way to get an invitation, but without any luck! So please be kind and send me an invitation as well!!! ;-)

my email is philipcarlsson@gmail.com


Erik said...

I'm not going to ask you for an invite. I want you to give it to my friend instead, I'm sure she's gonna love it!

(And please do it fast before I change my mind!)

Invitation to be sent to:


Andy C said...

I'd like one because I feel locked in by iTunes and I have tried many, many times to love last.fm (but failed).

Plus all the cool kids are raving about spotify.

Oh and I'm always the last to hear of these exciting Web products.

Oh and my kids will finally think I am cool instead of an embarrassing Dad.

andycowl at gmail dot com

ContagesBros said...

Philip: Your one of the lucky ones. Enjoy

ContagesBros said...

Erik: Your friend sound hot, she needs to enjoy spot! Give her our best. cheers weloveviral.com

ContagesBros said...

Andy: We love cool dads, and now your one! Enjoy

Embe said...

Oh, I would really really appreciate an invitation from you guys. How nice of you to give away... Please please?!


Micke said...

I'd like an invite mainly because I'm too broke to purchase any more music on iTunes: I went on an iTunes bender yesterday and spent nearly 50 euros on music I don't even like that much!

oh, and my email is mickepeh@gmail.com if you can spare an invite.

Anonymous said...

Whii! Spotify wanted! All my friends have it and they make fun of me :( An invitation to a music lover would be greatly appreciated! I also got wet in the rain today and lost my favourite guitar pick..

Anonymous said...

ooops, me with the rain and guitar pick aganin. forgot the e-mail: virhage@hotmail.com =) hehe cheers. Looking forward to spotify

Jan Åge said...

Hello. I would really appreciate an invitation. Please send it to jalavik@gmail.com Thanks!

Richey said...

I was at my friends party, n he used this feature Spotify. Was so amazed that u could just stream all this music, virtually anything, just like with ur itunes or mediaplayer,,
I was like WOAH! I gotta get this
would really appreciate an invite guys
mail: rickard_graan@hotmail.com
thx in advance

rickard said...

Tjena Marc!
Hoppas allt e gott med dig!
Hade varit grymt ifall du kunde skicka en inbjudan till mig.

Bästa hälsningar

AlexanderIsSthlm said...

Jag vill jätte gärna ha en invite till Spotify, har försökt få tag i en i veckor nu :)
min mail är ;Alexander.gj88@gmail.com
/mvh Alexander en av era läsare

ContagesBros said...

Emma: You just got spotified!!

ContagesBros said...

Micke: Now you can be broke AND listen to music, thats just awsome. And stop spending money on music you don't like dude...

ContagesBros said...

virhage@hotmail.com: It looks like you didn't just lose your guitar pick today but also your spotify account...You'r mail is already registered? Comment again if you still can't login to spotify.

ContagesBros said...

Jan Åge: You have just been officially spotified! Congratz

ContagesBros said...

Rickard: Invite your friends and have your own party tonight....YOU NOW HAVE SPOTIFY!!

ContagesBros said...

Jarvengren: Mr music 28, Spotify it is!

ContagesBros said...

Alexander: Kör så det ryker!

Mini said...

Mr Spotify,
I bought one black gucci bag i thai. I can tell my friend I sold it, and its yours for 200... if u want...

And the invite goes to mini@bobby.se


ContagesBros said...

Mini: That bag is so mine. Bring it to work tomorrow and check you mail! We hope its a manbag...

Mini said...

Will do!

Alex Harrington said...

I'd love a spotify invite please!

fastkeys at gmail dot com

ContagesBros said...

Alex Harrington: You are now spotified!

Josefin said...

God, I've been wanting to get Spotify since I first heard of it. Please, get me an account!


Anonymous said...

Got no friends, got no invites....Please help me!



ContagesBros said...

Josefin: You now have all the music in the world and officially spotified!

ContagesBros said...

André: Guess what you have in your inbox...? Yepp a spotify invite!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to get a spotify invite..
Please send it to

Ewa said...

Hi Marc,
My son told me about your generosity and I would really appreciate if you could send me a spotify invite!


ContagesBros said...

Madeleine: Your one of the lucky!

ContagesBros said...

Ewa: You have a smart son. Your now spotified!

Jenny said...

Love music, would love to enjoy spotify!


Anonymous said...


I am a huge music fan. Ever since I moved to Europe, I have been searching for a music streamer comparable to Pandora(unfortunately I can not stream pandora now that I have made the move to Europe). This has resulted in me paying a huge amount of music via itunes. Please add some sunshine to a music junkie.

Thank you


Mattias said...

Hii im a swedish 16 years old boy, I cry deeply every night because I dont got spotify. Ive seen my friends got it and litsens all days long and all i can hear is thier laughter;( plzz plzz dear lord help me with my problem.
my mail is:


thanks in beforehand. :)

Anna said...

För jag är ju så sjukt söt! ;)

Anna said...

Jag glömde visst min mail... anna.danielson@hotmail.com

Oscar Molse said...

Hi Marc,

The economy is going so bad and I haven't learned how to download music, so please help me pay my rent and give me an invite!

Gueddy said...

Hi! I would love to have excess to Spotify. I discovered Spotify when I was looking for spanish/latin hits from the 70s. Spotify had some of the artists that I grew up with, that I havent heard in years. I would be very happy to hear them again.
My email is: gueddy@hotmail.com


Philip said...

Tja Marc!

Rätt språk denna gång ;-)
Du måste ge en inbjudan till min bror som sitter med sin musiktomma dator på ett hotellrum i New York och trånar efter allt gottigt som finns på spotify ;-)

Hans mail är:

Skicka gärna även, om det finns kvar dvs, till min pappa som behöver uppdatera sitt musikbibliotek! Han hade blivit sjukt nöjd!! ;-)

Hans mail är:

Puss puss


Anonymous said...

I read your blog some times and I think you doing a great job Marc. I'm starting to be a litle interested in this Spotify-thing. Would you be kind to send me an invite?

My mail is daniel_carlsson83@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hej! Jag vill ge bort en spotify invite till en vän som ger mig tips efter tips efter tips. Det enda han frågat om nånsin var efter en spotify invite. Så snälla. Kan inte jag få en så att jag kan ge bort den till honom sen. Då skulle både han och jag bli glada.


Tack, tack

Anonymous said...

With no music, no party. Please spotify me.
Send it to fredrik@wearebryssel.se

/ Fredik

Anonymous said...

I heard from my friend that you guys are kind enough to give away invites.. So please would you send one to me aswell!!

Anonymous said...

Vi är 7 st på kontoret och 6 har spotify, jag är då den 7:e, doom har gjort det till en grej att inte skicka sina inbjudningar till mig bara för att jävlas. Dels vill jag ha det men också kunna fixa det utan deras hjälp..


Jag tror helt enkelt ni är så generösa och givmilda....:)


Kim Gelotte said...

Hej Marc!
Jag har precis flyttat hemifrån och har knappt mat i kylen, och jag börjar tröttna på den vanliga musiken i min pod! Hade varit trevligt med lite variation mitt ibland all gammal folkmusik och nudlar!


kimgelotte@hotmail.com :)

Stephen said...

i should get an invite because... I am always the first to like great things and all my friends are discovering this and following my leads. I was the first to like Arrested Development, the first to like 30 rock, the first to wear cardigans for fashion (back in 2003), and the first to like riding bicycles in north america. now everyone can see that i am the first to like spotify.

Antti said...

I just found out about Spotify today! Make me cool!


Anonymous said...

I definitely think I need to be invited to spotify. Music is my life, my ears have started to grow over my headphones ... and I've broken my ipod



ContagesBros said...

Matthieu, Oscar, Gueddy, David, Bengt, Fredrik, Peter, Kim, Antti, Denny:

You have all been spotified! Rock on!

Pontus said...

Tjena Marc

Min förfrågan om inbjudan är egentligen till min kompis Andreas. Jag fick två inbjudningar för ett tag sen, och då gick dom till andra. Sen dess har det varit ett jäkla tjöt från han.
Så det vore ju väldans praktiskt om du kunde assistera mig i detta.



Anonymous said...

Jag har precis flyttat och har ingen musik hemma.Jag håller på att bli tokig ;)


Philip said...

Ciao Marc, Daniele Baltimora här!
Philip berättade för mig om Spotify och hur grymt det är!!

Snälla skicka mig en spotify invite så att jag kan få chans att drömma mig bort till Italien då och då via all underbar italiensk musik som finns tillgängligt på spotify!! Snälla snälla!!!!

Vi ses!!

/Dani Baltimora

Philip said...

Glömde min mail!! ;-)


Per said...

Going back to London, and again I have to leave my music behind. Please invite me to Spotify so I can enjoy my favourite music all over the world.


Anonymous said...

I have wanted Spotify from the first day it came out, but have worked too much to be able to get it. Please! If you still get an invitation, then let me get it, it would be a late birthday present for me!



Anonymous said...

would you please send me an invite. i would really apreasute it. /chris

ContagesBros said...

Per, Carl and Laudon: Say "spotify" three times and check you mail. Voila!! Like magic.

Anonymous said...

My realtionship to the greatest girl ever(!) is, on the basis of my stupidity, falling apart. I desperately need to do something for this super lady.

I know she wanted an invite for spotify for a long time, but i've failed to find one. If you could make her just a BIT more happy than she is now by giving her an invite, i would be forever grateful.
Her mail is hedda_00@hotmail.com

ContagesBros said...

Super ladys boyfriend: Weloveviral aka Dr Love wants your superlady to be happy. Spotify is on its way to her, like an arrow of love.

Anonymous said...

if it's any invites left
i get one please :)

(sorry for my english)


Anonymous said...

I've been searching for an invite for weeks please send one to Laudric88@hotmail.com If there is any left.

matt said...

Hi, i am in need of a spotify account as i have been recommended spotify by all my friends but none of them will give me an invite and you are my last resort basically, it would be great if i got 1 and it would be awesome to see what spotify is like.

email: lilyear8dude@hotmail.com

Carolin said...

Hi.I want an account to my doughter. She loves music and I´m sure she would loved spotify. We lived in Sweden but it is very difficult to get a free account here. Thanks for me:)

carolin said...

Oh, I forgett to write my email: carolinandersson1@gmail.com

isak said...

i've tried to get an invite for a veery long time but no one has one :( so please i really need one.


Henrik said...

hi, i have tried to get a spotify invite for ages now (for spotify free), proxy method dosn't work anymore, and spotify open is 20 hours playtime each month (no fun!. I would love to get a invite, because I love to listen to music, and I'm like the only one without spotify free here (Doh)

So i would love an invite from you!

yours sincerely,

Email: h_anlevik at hotmail dot com