Your mangos are huge!

"Frooti, one of India's largest selling mango drinks, wanted to reiterate that it was made of real, juicy mangoes. It is popular across socio-economic segments from small towns to big metros in India. We had to find an engaging idea that cut across target segments and could be enjoyed by all. The market is saturated with conventional juice/beverage TVCs. We decided to lead with an unconventional promotional activity. We decided to scare, shock and surprise people with big mangoes, up close and personal, in a way that they will not forget for a long, long time. We came up with the Mango Surprise Project.

THE SOLUTION:We executed the Mango Surprise Project in 3 parts: 1. We played Mango Surprise pranks (live stunts) on people across cities in India. We dropped giant mangoes from trees near passersby, rolled 8-foot mangoes down sloping roads on to oncoming pedestrians, and swapped baggage for giant mangoes on airport conveyor belts. We scared, shocked and surprised them and caught their attention. 2. Then we got the 'Prank Anchor' to run up to the 'Prank Victims', hand them a bottle of Frooti, explain to them that Frooti is made of real, juicy mangoes and make them sample it. 3. We captured these moments on hidden camera and edited it to create the brand's TVC, viral and branded entertainment content. We played over 600 Mango Surprise pranks across 30 cities."

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