Old Spice: White Isaiah Mustafa

Isaiah Mustafa, the star of all the Old Spice commercial, looks kind of pale don’t you think? The new spot of Old Spice is rather different than its old ones , but is still pretty funny. Goodbye Isaiah?


Glenn Evans said...

Even if it was a guy other than Isaiah Mustafa doing those commercials, the striking factor that entertains all of us is still there, since each of the actor shown on their series of commercial have their own brand of grabbing our attention, and that's a cool way of getting more consumers.

Staci Burruel said...

He got out of a quicksand, got bitten by a snake, got rammed by a bus, a crocodile chewed his leg and he was attacked by a swarm of piranhas. And yet all he's worried about is his smell? Well, jokes aside, the new guy is still funny. I have to ask myself where the Old Spice publicity team gets these guys. But seriously, Old Spice never ceases to amaze me with their commercials.