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Spencers Solicitors in the UK have launched a microsite at www.injuryauction.co.uk that aims to draw attention to the practice of personal injury cases being regularly auctioned off to the highest bidder by insurance companies. For years, insurers have been selling personal injury cases to solicitors for ‘referral fees’, essentially a commission which lawyers must pay to represent individual claimants. The ‘price tag’ of these case bundles is likely influenced by the degree of injuries sustained by specific cases, essentially putting people’s misery up for sale to the highest bidder.

This shocking revelation is at the heart of a new campaign launched by Spencers in an attempt to rid the personal injury system of questionable practices undertaken by insurers and other industry players. The microsite includes additional information and an interactive game where you get to throw auction hammers at the bidders, all designed to shine the spotlight on how the system works and encouraging consumers to challenge their insurer to end the practice immediately. Visitors are encouraged to take action by emailing their insurance company to determine if they are taking part in the practice.

To further highlight the issue, and in my opinion the best bit, is that Spencers has created an ebay page at http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221043449826 to demonstrate how unscrupulous insurance companies are asking law firms to bid for real cases of serious and often life-changing accidents, all in the name of profit.


Spencers Solicitors - Accident Claim Specialists said...

You can read about our injury auction campaign in full at http://www.SpencersSolicitors.com/about-spencers-solicitors/injury-auction.html .

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