Brandon Cronenberg, the son director David Cronenberg birthed when a fleshy pod erupted from his festering boil and scuttled off screeching into a corner before he could incinerate it, has grown up and made his feature-length writing and directing debut with Antiviral. The satire-tinged horror-thriller stars X-Men: First Class's Caleb Landry Jones, and depicts a near future in which celebrity obsession has reached a point that the harvesting and sales of famous persons' diseases and flesh has become a glitterati-fueled business bigger and grosser than Us Weekly. When Landry--a worker in the celebrity pathogen trade--becomes infected with an illness that ends up causing a horrifying death to the starlet that contracted it, he ends up becoming, in the words of co-star Malcolm McDowell, "involved in something sinister." Naturally, "something sinister" also somehow involves disgusting, pulsating back mutations and the above image, because Brandon's gotta make dad proud. See the trailer below.

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