This Danish 'Get Out the Vote' PSA Is So Full of Sex and Violence, It Was Pulled Immediately

If you thought the U.S. had weird political ads, check out this bit of insanity from Denmark: a 90-second cartoon that stars a character called Voteman, who isn't apathetic about voting, or about getting pleasured by five ladies at the same time at the 12-second mark. The video also includes a decapitation, dolphin surfing, lots of violence as well as more sex—as Voteman goes on a 'roid-rage rampage, physically forcing Danes to vote in the upcoming European election (where they'll decide on weighty topics like climate regulation, agricultural subsidies, and chemicals in toys). The video was posted Monday on the Danish Parliament's social media sites before being swiftly removed. The parliament speaker later told the Associated Press that the government should "be more careful with what we put our name to."


Jasco said...

Ups! YouTube video is not working :(


Thanks Jasco. Youtube is taking it down. New link up now. Hope it stays ;)