Not all kids want the same thing for Christmas

As we speak I'm working on a campaign agianst homelessness. When doing research I found these gems. Sorry for bad image quality.

This is a touching advertisement campaign from Covenant House, a child welfare agency, to create awareness about the plight of homeless children. Of course, the ad can squeeze everyone who will come across the advertisement. The advertisement depicts homeless children while covering it with a poster showing average American children with their comfortable and luxurious life.

Though the copy of the ad is in full conformity of the illustration but the photograph itself is efficient enough to make any one to compare the conditions.

The art direction of the ad is excellent with a very good example of photography. The brilliantly written copy of the ad reads as ‘not all kids want same thing for Christmas’. The advertisement campaign has been credited to Taxi, Canada.

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En av de bästa jag sett! //Ann