Domino’s – The Pizza Turnaround

One of the videos that really caught my attention after I returned from vacation was "The Pizza Turnaround" from Domino's. It shows how a brand can end up benefiting from bad social networking. I guess you all remember the viral video from last year. Domino's was handed a PR nightmare when a video showed up online showing two employees laughing as they prepared food in a deliberately unsanitary way. The video quickly garnered millions of views.

Social network with consumer dissatisfaction can generate enormous damage to a brand. Domino's, given all this, decided to launch a new marketing campaign: the guys used the bad reviews from their own consumers (and not afraid to show it on video) to change their products and thus show confidence in these changes.

The entire campaign has been transformed into a truly inspiring documentary, filmed with officials of the company, and can be checked through the site www.pizzaturnaround.com.

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