Guy Tattoos RayBan Glasses On His Face

In the past, RayBan has been rather successful when it comes to viral videos. Yesterday, RayBan released their latest video: “Guy Has Glasses Tattooed On His Face”. Under the name Never Hide Films, RayBan releases viral video to promote their glasses. In this series, their most successful video yet; the famous Sunglass catching video got over 4.5 million views on YouTube. Given the success of the other videos, we have asked ViralTracker to track the “Guy Has Glasses Tattooed To His Face”, now at 57.033 views, to grasp its viral spread.

Heres a little bonus for ya all, Eye Tattoos... "You ask why, the real question is; why not..." The video's worth a watch if you get the chance, and contains a whole bunch of good one-liners. VIA


Anonymous said...
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eyeoptix said...

Are these Ray Ban Sunglasses tattoo for real? I've read this guy's not even getting paid by Ray Ban for this stunt.

Dena said...

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