"LAKAIROMANIA" Skate in Fire

This is a part of a yearly project called "Skate and Create," four different skateboarding companies get nine days in a warehouse to shoot a 3-5 minute video. The final videos are judged and the winning team gets a cover of the Transworld Skateboarding magazine and a reserved spot in next years competition. Lakai Skate and Create 2010.
Dir: Ty Evans
Ex Produced: Spike Jonze
DP: Marc Ritzema
Artist: Ima Robot "Ruthless"
Format: RED MX, 5D and 7D

Here's an other cool "Skate in Fire" video: Burn Ignite - Ride : feat Steve Berra. (thanks to Brendon Killen)


Brendon Killen said...

Done by one of my favourite directors_


epic end shot...

Midnight Cowboy said...

Read all about what the most part of the skateboard community thought of this years winner ofSkate & Create:

Also here(in swedish):