Real Life Super Hero Stops Crime

A man who has appointed himself a masked guardian of a Seattle suburb is nursing his pride after sustaining an injury in the line of duty. Phoenix Jones, dubbed the real-life Kick-Ass after the movie about vigilante superheroes, had his nose broken during a brawl. Part of a band of civilian crimefighters who have dubbed themselves the Rain City Superhero Movement, he had been been roaming the streets in search of injustice. But after attempting to break up a fight in the city of Lynnwood, Washington, the aspiring avenger was turned over by two baddies who assaulted him at gunpoint. A Seattle Police Department spokesman confirmed that he is part of a band of at least nine do-gooders trying to keep the streets safe. Phoenix Jones's accomplices are nicknamed Thorn, Buster Doe, Green Reaper, Gemini, No Name, Catastrophe, Thunder 88 and Penelope.

In what could turn out to be the rise of the obligatory comic-book super villain, police have been told by the group to disregard Captain Ozone or Knight Owl - because they are not part of the movement. Phoenix Jones says he called the police when he saw a brawl brewing in Lynnwood and put one man in a headlock while he waited for police. But then another man pulled a gun and the superhero's nose was broken. Read more at Dailymail.

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