Yellowbird – See the world like never before!

Within the yellowBird player, the 3-D videos really come to life. The apparent normal Flash player offers a unique possibility to interactively watch 3-D content, offline or online and every single visitor is capable to choose a desired viewing direction. Like being there yourself and turning your head. Next to a highly intuitive interface, the yellowBird player offers sharing and embedding functionalities as well. Any visitor is capable of easily spreading the videos online.

"What does a bird have to do with the latest recording and displaying technology? Everything. Our technology is about enjoying a totally interactive 3D view. A view that reaches beyond today's standard perspective and that is experienced by viewers as if they are floating. Just like a bird soaring through the sky." - Yellowbird

Now, go ahead and try it for yourself! It's pritty awsome:

See yellowbird.com for more information

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