Awesome Documentary: The king of Kong

You have to see "The King of Kong". Why? Well, maby because its probably the most awesomest documentary EVER. A wonderful stage is set up for a battle between good vs. evil. Will the underdog, who has been kicked down his entire life, reach his goal of scoring the highest Donkey Kong score ever? Will he meet face to face and defeat the evil, pompous villain in a match of "competitive gaming?" The protagonist is built up as a normal simpleton who has not been able to achieve his goals throughout life even with all the talent that he possesses. The antagonist is portrayed wonderfully as an arrogant hypocrite who thinks that the entire video game world revolves around him. You want nothing more than to see the villain fall down. Read more at IMBD

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Brendon Killen said...

My favourite quote from this movie was something like:

"I wanted to win! I wanted to be the best! I wanted to be a hero! I wanted all the pretty ladies come over and say 'Hey, I see your good a Centipede'"

This doco rocked my world!