Electromagnetic Floating Ball-Pit Balls

This is a fake-ass video of a whole bunch of those Chuck E Cheese ball pit balls allegedly floating around in mid-air thanks to a giant electromagnetic and some iffy electronics stuffed inside each one. You can send it to your friends telling them it's real if you want, but it's not. It's really just an exercise in motion graphics for some film festival. Still, if you really want to believe they actually did it, you can, I'm just going to think less of you because of it.


Anonymous said...

No it's real. So stop being such a Debbie downer asshole.

Anonymous said...

Either way, they must have actually tried it. Why wouldn't you if you already had all of the materials, that's fucking sweet. Then what would keep it from working?

Anonymous said...

it's real for sure. Simple magnets.
Hell, doing this in (high quality) CG would take nearly as long as doing it in real life.