Five Design Demigods On Overcoming Failure

Students from Berghs School of Communication in Sweden have whipped up a series of must-see videos for any designer who’s ever felt a glimmer of self-doubt (which is to say, of course, all designers who aren't Philippe Starck).

If features some of the top creative minds of the day, including Stefan Sagmeister, Wally Olins, Michael Wolff, and graphic-design éminence grise Milton Glaser, on surmounting the fear of failure. “Fear of failure is the biggest mind fuck you’ll ever encounter in life,” the students, who assembled the project for their graduation exhibit, write online. “When you overcome it, you can overcome anything.”

There’s lots of good stuff in the films, and luckily, it extends beyond bromides on how to grow a spine, though there is plenty of that. Sagmeister: “It is very important to embrace failure.” Gasp! Revelation! No way!

Oh, we're just being jerks. Truth is, even obvious advice from incredibly talented people sounds somehow brilliant. So without further ado, we'll let the designers take it away. A final word: Make sure to watch all seven and a half minutes of the Glaser interview. His message isn’t terribly different from Sagmeister’s, but his delivery is effing gold -- like a guy patting you on the back and giving you a big kick in the pants at the same time.

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