Best Axe commercial ever - Perspiration

A classic, and we love it! Enjoy and have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha absurd

jesse jacobs said...

I love this ad! I had a teacher in grade school who was obsessed with body odor. In the summertime she would reprimand our 7th grade class on a regular basis on the fundamentals of hygiene. When the boys would come up to the chalk board she would humiliate them by holding her nose. It was even worse if you got the problem wrong. She must of had an acute sense of smell. But she didn’t smell so great either– like potpourri air freshener or dehydrated fruit mix. I always wondered why she wore silk flowery turtlenecks even on the hottest days. She must have smelled pretty funny to herself. What I would have given to see goody goody Jimmy Rabinowitz raise his hand with the algebra answer and hit her with the armpit hose.