Breast cancer and chocolate

Here are some more ambient stuff from the streets. A breast cancer handout and a milkyway safety belt.

The anti-stress ball is from Roche, with the statement that "You don't see breast cancer. You feel it". 50,000 balls where given out. And during the action period, records showed a 22% increase in mammography exams and a 28% rise in hospital consultations.

Now to something totally different: Chocolate, Milky Way.

I am sure this kind of tactical creative advertising campaign get more visibility with PR online than they had with the real campaign. More persons are going to see the campaign review than persons have seen the campaign live. Anyway, the concept is nice and well serving the product with its strechy caramel represented by the safety belt. Last time Milky Way was using a conveyor belt to promote the streching of their chocolate bar.


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