Augmented Reality Experience

If you are one of the lucky ones that have a webcam and a printer, check this out. Simly follow the instructions and enjoy. This is not the first of its kind, but one of many to come. Web 4.0? ;)

Designers may be used to the technology behind augmented reality and understand how an icon on paper can be transformed into a 3D animation. But we must never forget how our target audience thinks. For ‘the masses’ augmented reality feels like magic. They don’t think in technologies, but just experience the result. And when they do this, they are overwhelmed by the coolness of augmented reality.

So cool, that loads of them decided to make a video of it and spread it on the internet. Freely promoting companies and products, like the GE campaign (or Earth day campaign). It resulted in a viral campaign.

WWF - Earth in your hands
Boffswana Green man Reality
Microsoft's augmented reality
MiniCabrio (Deutsch text and PC only)
GE's augmented reality windmill
Omgpop (slow)
Virtual Girlfriend Japan
Have you seen a cool augmented reality? Please comment with link.