Dedicate wins DM award. Guldnyckeln 2009

On March 12th, the jury for the prestigious Guldnyckeln award, instituted by the Swedish Direct Marketing Association, awarded Dedicate gold for the Schiedel Permeter campaign.

Here’s why: ”Creativity is not about adding extras, no more than efficiency is about complicating matters or making unecessary detours. This year’s winner is almost painfully devoid of anything except functionality, efficiency and excellent results. Expressing the latter in meters also helped settle the matter for this jury.”

Our award-winning trad DM campaign gave an ROI of 8000% and did 200% better than the sales goal. DM's not dead, it just smells funny.

Visit our company website here: Dedicate


Ann said...

Grymt! Det förtjänade ni verkligen! Nycklar, ägg och annat av guld i all ära, men NI alla på byrån är guld för oss kunder!

ContagesBros said...

Åhh ni är väl snälla =) Tack Ann!