The WTF viral factor

It's been mentioned before but it needs some highlighting. There are many factors that will increase your ads chances of going viral. One of the best is the WTF factor, (what the f**k)

It’s a really simple concept. Simply give your viral something that is either shocking or strange enough to make the viewer question what it is he is actually watching. This has a double effect

1. It increases your chance of the viral being passed on. By making the viewer question what the viral is you have forced me to engage with the viral. I am a good deal more likely once I understand what I am viewing to then pass it on to my peers who might also benefit from the entertainment, challenge etc

2. Multiple viewings. If the viral is done well enough and the WTF factor is strong enough I am likely to re-watch your viral a number of times.

Her is a nice example:

Source: http://www.theviralmarketingblog.com/2009/05/the-wtf-viral-factor/