Skittles Commercial - Jesse Jacobs Mindbender

TV commercial director Jesse Jacobs has conceived, designed and directed MINDBENDER, a new comedy and effects spec commercial for Mars candy brand Skittles. Jacobs, an award-winning designer, brought a plethora of industry talent to bear on this showcase spot, including Hollywood visual effects company Eden FX; editorial house Edit 89 in New York, and to serve as co-creative director/co-copywriter, Brian Nash, former creative director at Draft FCB in Chicago and currently a creative director at Maddock Douglas in Elmhurst, Illinois.

MINDBENDER opens in a rundown Hollywood pool hall as a poker-faced pool player ends a game of 8-ball by guiding the game ball into the corner pocket with a geometrically impossible shot. "Hey, you're that telekinetic guy". This Ad just won Silver at Worldfest.

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