Ameriquest - All 5 Funny Commercials

Ameriquest Mortgage is one of the US leading wholesale lenders. It advertised widely on television, had blimps that flew over football and baseball stadiums, and sponsored the Rolling Stones (2005 US tour) and NASCAR drivers. Its ad slogan is “proud sponsor of the American dream.” Have you seen the 5 online commercials in their campaign: Don’t Judge Too Quickly?

These are not very new, but if you havent seen them yet, this is it. Maybe just to prove (again) that even mortgage companies can bring relevant online content, wrapped in a very pleasant and entertaining way.
What video out of the above 5 did you like most? And if you do happen to bump into great new viral commercials, you are invited to share them with us…



KateGladstone said...

Commercial for an iPod educational app -- well, it's DEFINITELY not your grandma's handwriting class ... http://bit.ly/BetterLettersVideo

Anonymous said...

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