Skype’s First Live-Streaming Campaign staring the Wilderness Man

The Viral Factory is moving into new territory with a live-streamed, ten-day experiment for Skype, hoping to raise awareness that it is cheaper to make international calls to landlines and mobiles through its service.
The Viral Factory sourced a remote (yet filmable) phone box in the wilds of southern Spain. Auditions were then held for someone who would be prepared to camp outside this phone box with a host of their worldly possessions. The winner (or should that be loser), who will be known throughout the experiment as ‘Wilderness Man’, is 27-year-old Rob Cavazos who is a very well-travelled, Mexican sports enthusiast.
From 1st December, you can go to http://www.phoneboxexperiment.com and interact with Rob aka Wilderness Man in real-time. Rob is fluent in English, German and Spanish, so should be able to wing it with the majority of nationalities and if not, will be improvising... not sure how hot he is on African dialect, but he’ll give it a go! There will also be an amazing surprise during the campaign, patience is the virtue of strong people.