Konzerthaus Dortmund: Concert Milk

Recently, scientists have discovered that when cows listen to music, they produce additional milk. The agency, Jung von Matt put that knowledge to the test with the Konzerthaus Dortmund. Konzerthaus Dortmund is a theatre that holds operas, musicals, and concerts located in Dortmun, Germany. The number of guest attendees were drastically low due to the majority of the surrounding area not interested in classical music or aware of the theater due to it’s location. Their challenge was to somehow increase the number of fans that listen to classical music and to increase the attendance of guests to attend the theater. With the fact of cows producing more milk to music, this gave them an idea to endeavor into an interesting advertising technique.

Performers of a live concert that played at Konzerthaus Dortmund would travel to a dairy facility plant and perform in front of a large audience of cows as they would produce milk. With the fact scientists gave, it was proven actually true that cows in fact produced more. A few selected stores in the surrounding area of the theater would shelf nine different types of milk with each bottle containing information on the bottle of the classical song being played to the cows. Consumers found that the taste of milk had a slight difference between the nine variants and claimed to taste more enjoyable than regular ones.

This advertising method provided success for Konzerthaus Dortmund and for stores that carried the milk product. In 2010/2011 year, the number of guest attendees increased by 19% and an increase of people listening to classical music increased vastly. The cows had managed to produce the taste of music.


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