One green letter by Dragster for Cramo

To communicate to Cramo offers eco-friendly modular spaces, we sent a single chain letter to environmental officials in 16 of Sweden's largest municipalities. From Cramo modular spaces companies and municipalities can rent flexible, modular spaces. As the first company on the market Cramo has developed an environmentally friendly portable venue with a hydronic heating system, which allows pairing with more environmentally friendly energy sources. Quite simply, a green portable venue. That message would reach out to policy makers and environmental managers in 16 municipalities across Sweden.

Instead of sending tons of broschures we sent one single letter. In the envelope we added adress stickers and an equal number of stamps along with a letter in which we declare that Cramo has become green and therefore only can send a single letter. We ask the recipient to read the letter an then send it to the the next person on the list. And it worked.

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modular building guy said...

A great advert and very original. I'm not sure the lady's nail colour was very environmentally friendly though, it looked positively toxic! :)