Car Flipped By Wrecking Ball, Real or Fake?

This video from YouTube, shows a car hit by a large wrecking ball, is fast approaching viral status. The video description claims that a “Dodge minivan that entered a closed construction zone in Manhattan was accidentally hit and flipped over by the wrecking ball as onlookers watch in horror and ran for cover. Driver escaped with minor injuries.”

Everything about the video makes us think this is a fake. A few questions that arise: Why are they using a wrecking ball close to a Manhattan city street? Is there a voice yelling cut? Is there a flipping mechanism underneath the car? Would it be possible to survive from the impact? Why are there no news reports on the incident?

Is this a viral from Dodge? Or is the, “OMG! Car Hit and Flipped By Wrecking-Ball in NYC!” video for real? What’s your take, and why?


Tom said...

Fake... because if it did hit the building, all that rubble would fall on the pedestrians below.

Unless of course the ball was released by mistake.
Still, the sound quality of the voice seems too good and no one else near by even swears!

Anonymous said...

The people in the lower left corner of the Court does not react even in the blast or what they see. Weird? Yes. Pedestrians on the right turns quiet about when the ball hits the car. Should they not have been more shocked? Especially in NY after 9 / 11? So, my conclusion: It's fake.

Anonymous said...

HEY! Are the crowed in the lower left corner holding cameras? So its a movie location and people are watching the speciel effects... so fake

Chris said...

It's for astroboy