IKEA : Cinema catalogue

One of those "Woooow wish I had come up with that..." ideas. Guerilla promotion teams equipped with powerful portable projectors brought names and prices of IKEA products during the movie on the screen – next to Brad Pitt, George Clooney and other famous actors. This surprising execution fits perfectly to the IKEA principle: surprise the many people with fresh ideas for everybody’s everyday life. After the show they consequently distributed IKEA catalogues in front of the cinema. I love it. But I'd hate it if it was projected in my cinema.

Dont forget to check out the IKEA Facebook Showroom while you at it.

Advertising Agency: DDB Germany, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Tim Stübane, Birgit van den VAlentyn
Art Directors: René Gebhardt, Björn Kernspeckt



Moxo Cube said...

Would this now backfire?

I'd be pissed off if I was watching a film in the cinema and someone was projecting advertising over it.

Vyteniska said...

yeah, same with me. it would be negative reaction.. and I think it was with majority of those people in cinema