Dear Steve Jobs – Guerrilla marketing

A guerrilla campaign against Apple called Dear Steve Jobs (www.dearstevejobs.com) started yesterday outside Apples headquarters in Cupertino. Soon SVT (the Swedish public service broadcaster) Play will be available for the iPhone. Soon. The application just has to be approved by Apple first - which unfortunately can take some time. But if we all pitch in, maybe we can convince Steve to speed things up a little. So make your voice heard!

- We will have two people outside the headquarters in Cupertino today. They will in a nice way affect Apple to approve our Iphoneapp, we are now submitted for approval, "says Helga Baagøe, communications director of SVT.

Letter to Steve Jobs: "Dear Steve Jobs, we at SVT (the Swedish public service broadcaster) would like to ask you a favor. Below is a description of our SVT Play application. And to the right you can see all the Swedes who are eagerly awaiting its approval. So please Steve, hurry up and approve our app. We have tried to simplify the approval process as much as possible for you. Just press the green button below and record a video of yourself saying "JA" (that’s "yes" in Swedish, pronounced "yah"). Come on, Steve, Sweden is waiting. Say JA!"

The campaign was developed in cooperation with advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors. Mobile site is developed in cooperation with Doberman. UPDATE: The website was done by Fi – The Interactive firm.


Anonymous said...

the campaign was done by www.f-i.com on the web side.

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