Whiskey Bottle That Rocks – Ballantine Equalizer

Whiskey brand Ballantine needed visibility behind the bar. The solution: an equalizer on the front of the bottle that gives rulings on music in the bar. Ballantines do not want us just to dance when we drink their spirits, but now we dance to - and with - booze.

It is difficult to escape the black bottle with the luminous blue bars that jump in the equalizer on the front. Equalizer is powered by batteries and the whole label is sound sensitive. It is London-based design company, The Core, which created the bottle that is now being launched in bars in England and also in 35 markets. 20 000 bottles have been produced, plus promotional material t-shirts. Equalizer The bottle will not be sold outside the bars. The bottle is part of the campaign, "Listen to Your Beat".

- The initiative will provide energy to the campaign and engage consumers, argues Ballantines brand manager Peter Moore.


thatroom said...

They should really make the best of this.. Bars is one thing, but sociable geeks' liquor cabinets is quite another. I'd definitely buy one of these for my Bar.

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