Skype’s Wilderness man is alive and live!

UPDATE: Rob wants to say thank you to all the people that called him so far and to all his fans all over the world. Also, for the next stage of his desert stay people can call and ask him for his stuff. In response to that he will pack anything they want and send it to them, in the end leaving him with nothing. So take it easy on the guy will you.

Go to http://www.phoneboxexperiment.com and interact with Rob aka Wilderness Man in real-time. Rob is fluent in English, German and Spanish, so should be able to wing it with the majority of nationalities and if not, will be improvising... not sure how hot he is on African dialect, but he’ll give it a go! There will also be an amazing surprise during the campaign, patience is the virtue of strong people.

UPDATE: People can send stuff to the guy in the desert at this address:
Rob Cavazos, Lista De Correos, 29640, Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain.

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