Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival: Bon Jovis

We don’t know a thing about the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival, we just love their ads. And we’re not alone, they’ve won Cannes Lions for them. We sincerely hope that the event itself lives up to the promise. Which might be a tall order, since the ads are consistently brilliant.
This one exploits the fact that there’s something instrinsically funny about serious clowns. We also find the concept of being intensly emotional to a Bon Jovi song screamingly funny. But maybe that’s just us. All in all, great stuff.

Client: Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival. Agency: la comunidad, Buenos Aires. Production Company: Argentinacine.

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thomas said...

nice blog, saw you had a post with a weird world record in most tshirts worn at once.
he just got beaten: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKd1Ao4LiP8