Trapped in an Elevator for 41 Hours

A time-lapse video of a man trapped in an elevator for 41 hours has become something of an Internet sensation after surveillance camera footage emerged after nearly a decade. “After a certain period of time I knew that I was in pretty big trouble because it was the weekend,” Nicholas White said Monday on ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America“. The video of his Oct. 15, 1999, ordeal in an elevator in New York’s McGraw-Hill building was posted online to accompany an article in the April 21 edition of The New Yorker. Nick Paumgarten, known for his articles about elevators, reduced the 41 hour film to a few minutes. The video can be seen on the magazine’s Web site and has been viewed more than 3.8 million times on YouTube and 1.47 million times on Break. Several news sites and blogs like ABC News, BoingBoing, Gawker, NY Post, Gizmodo and The Huffington Post reported about the unfortunate New Yorker. (Source: SFGate, Volkskrant, viralblog.com)

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