Honda CRV Commercial. All in 1 shot...not

Honda Australia is promoting the all-new, third generation Honda CRV 4WD vehicle with “Dress For It”, a TV ad/viral featuring a man peeling off layers of clothing in the streets of Melbourne. All done in 1 take and some cool effects. You may not notice at first. Set to the track “ Le Disko” by the LA-based electronica/indie/rock band, Shiny Toy Guns, the story highlights the fact that we all have different sides to our character, just like the Honda CRV 4WD vehicle.

The real art to the production was making it seamless, the changes of clothing is also remarkable. In order to achieve this, the production team spent several weeks testing the wardrobe and employed a seamstress who used a combination of press-studs, Velcro and elastic to facilitate the quick changes. Because the hero can’t physically wear four layers of clothing at one time, the shoot had to be split into two parts. It was Animal Logic’s brief to seamlessly composite the transition between two separate takes to make four wardrobe changes look like they took place in one take. (source: theinspirationroom.com)

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