Finally - our very own viral!

Well, kids, here it is, the reason for this blog’s very existence: a viral created by yours trulies. It began when Swedish IT and tech consultants Consignit/Altran Technologies asked Dedicate to think outside the proverbial box for their next recruitment campaign. We did, and the result is both a viral spoof and a viral tribute, lovingly borrowing from some of the great works we’ve found, while adding some twists of our own. All to dramatiize the teamwork, challenges and fun-in-the-workplace credo the companies live and work by. Our heartfelt thanks to absolutely everyone involved, not least Lizelotte, Ann and everyone else at Consignit/Altran Tech for having the courage and enthusiasm to support the concept. (And that came out embarassingly close to an award acceptance speech, but we’re all a bit tired and emotional right now, ok?) Read the press release here (in Swedish).

UPDATE: 2008/11/03 Govirals reports that we now have over 35.000 views so far. Not that bad for only 3 weeks online!

UPDATE: 2009/05/05 Govirals reports that we now have over 170.000 views so far. The number-of-views target has been reached and exceeded by 227%!

Client: Consignit, Altran Technologies. Agency: Dedicate. Creatives: Marc Zacharoff, Hans Anderson. Production: Bobby Works. Director: Mini

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