You can never go wrong with a gorilla suit, can you?

If you’re in the ad business, this sort of thing sets off a whole imaginary behind-the-scenes movie in you head. You try to imagine the ideas session: ”Man, I’ve got it! A guy in a gorilla suit playing along with Phil Collins’ ’In the Air Tonight’!!” ”Sweeeet, man, here’s the strapline: ’a glass and a half full of joy’!” ”Brilliant, let’s go for a pint!”. Not to mention the client presentation: ”What it’s got to do with the product? Aha, you obviously missed the purple wall behind the ape!”.
And yet, it works. Like a charm. It upped Cabury’s sales by 9%. Sure, they poured a total of £ 6.2 million into the campaign, but just the same. Ye who enter the ad business, abandon all logic.

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