Homemade Ford Balloons

During last years Champions League final on May 23th Ford launched it’s new Mondeo commercial. In the clip several cars are floating through the air, carried by balloons. An article on Creativereview.co.uk explains which techniques were used to get the carbon cars airborne. According to a Scottish scientist you need 82.000 helium filled balloons to get a real Mondeo off the ground. Three guys from Auckland, New Zealand tried to prove him wrong by using just 5.000 helium filled balloons. They posted the video they made about a month ago, creating a fair amount of buzz. Looking at youtube, Fords original clip got 60.000 views, but the homemade Ford balloons got 1,4million hits!

Ford Mondeo 2007 Commercial (Balloon Duet Version)

Update: Homemade Ford balloons spoof! Behind the scenes of the homemade Ford balloons ad.

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