Great viral success with fly for fortune!

In November 2006 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flew to viral success with it’s Fly For Fortune campaign.

A Pixar alike viral movie trailer was targeted with social media planning and naturally seeded by LaComunidad and dominated the social universe, reaching millions of people without buying any media space. The KLM viral movie trailer was viewed 8 million times in 90 days, a large chunk came from European and Asian video portals. Global viral tracking was done with ViralTracker.

787.000 unique visitors visited the KLM mirco website developed by Publicis Dialog. Due to all inbound links at blogs and social media, the KLM micro-site hit Google pagerank 6/10 within a few weeks. The game Fly For Fortune was played 1.1 million times and KLM realized 210.000 new opt-in e-mail addresses in the campaign period.

KLM increased it’s online ticket sales and the return of investment of this viral campaign was 1200%. Fly For Fortune won the Bronze Esprix in The Netherlands for most effective campaign and also Bronze at the IMC Europe Awards.

Now, is the viral movie KLM made any good? Since it's been viewed 8million times it must be, right? Right!? No. Its total and utterly crap, but hey, it worked! You just have to love the viral effect. Goviral once said, content is nothing, spreading is all. Amen

(Thank you viralblog.com for the information.)

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