Eat The Apple

The Apple logo is put to good use in this custom Snow White MacBook sticker. Sold online.

Mugs moustache

Always within the framework of London Design Week, here an elegant project of the creative Peter Ibruegger: cups “Moustache”. Available in 6 models and with different styles, each cup enables you to adopt your expression preferred during the tasting of your the or coffee.

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YouTube's Biggest Showoffs: Viral Video Film School

Guy Catches Laptop With His Butt

Guy does crazy tricks and catches laptop in his butt. Yepp, thats about it.

Oh, Brother - SEAT Altea XL

IBM's Zany Viral Video Chief

AdAge has this video with Tim Washer, a stand up comedian and also now a IBM communications executive in charge for viral campaigns, where he talked at a Business Development Institute seminar about making virals and their ingredients. Definitely a must watch!

So basically do not have fear, and have a healthy dose of absurdity and non-sense. And in case you don’t know that first video they talked about, here you have it, it’s pretty funny:


World's Longest Basketball Shot - by "Dude Perfect"

Is this a plain casual video that accidentaly got viral or a great planned video for a brand out there? And check out dual screen you can choose from.


I can’t wait for my daughter’s first cell phone bill

Advertising agency Hill Holliday has introduced a new television spot for Chili’s highlighting the restaurant chain’s annual drive to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospitals, which provide care for children with cancer.

The chewing gum and helium experiment

King Of Shaves – The Evolution Of Modern Shaving

Tiger Beer – Zip

New commercial for Tiger beer, promoting its products in Malaysia. The creation was provided by Saatchi & Saatchi, with production and direction of Stink Stylewar. The video shows 2 friends turning into different beings. Nice effects and cute ending. I want a beer...


"I'll get You" Classixx feat. Jeppe/ Kitsuné x The Cobrasnake EP

People aren't dummies

The largest dead snake ever found, over 50 feet.

Fiji Travel – Throw Away Your Clothes

RobotVision brings Augmented Reality to iPhone

Since firmware 3.1 became available, a new kind of apps showed up in the App Store. We’ve talked about this before: Augmented Reality (AR). One of those apps is “RobotVision” from Tim Sears. He created an AR applicationwhich enables you to see nearby restaurants, people who just posted a tweet on Twitter and people near you who made photos and posted them on FlickR. The video provided below, makes it look like the app is intuitive. Simple to control and easy to understand.

More AR news:
Remember Layar and their augmented reality app for Android devices? It uses your phone’s camera to display a layer of real time meta data on top of the physical world around you. Until now, that reality was just a bunch of 2D tags, but with Layar3D it also includes virtual 3D objects. If you have trouble imagining what those might be, just look at the video below. That’s right, it’s Pacman, and it happens in the real world! Of course, the potential uses for this technology go far beyond gaming, but in our geeky eyes, it all boils down to awesomeness:

NHS 'Anti Smoking' Viral

Bud Light Lime – In the Can

AVG LinkScanner viral – Data Snatchers

Sony Ericsson – Hopper Invasion

I'm sorry Sony, but haven't we seen this before? It's not like I wanna spoil the party but Mentos did this like 4 months ago. Sonys new commercial:

Here's MENTOS GUM: Montreal Frenzy 11/05/09:

Since we'r into balls why not show you a classic. One of mans most autrageous stunts:

Mr. Sub – Not Everyone Likes Surprises

Smirnoff – No Ordinary Pool Party


Doin shit

Send me your body - Diesel's Ball Boy

This is Quique, a boy born as a head. Now, after 27 years doctors say that he could be "assembled" into a body, so he's made this website to find himself a proper one. Please, be kind, help him out. Read the blog here: http://www.quiquethehead.com/

This campaign is made by Shackleton. Diesel appears two or three times on the site and is also the registrant for the domain name, and two of the tags of the video are "fashion" and "motorbike". Smart and funny viral/campaign, cudos to both Diesel and Shackleton!


Ink & Water

Justice - DVNO

The brandnew and official Lamborghini Reventón Roadster film

The Reventón is limited on 10 and will cost 1.6 Mio €. I'm picking up mine tomorrow.


I Heart Realism


Never stop lovin

I love costumes and I love dancing so how can I not like Hovelmann's "Never stop lovin"?! Priceless...


A Social Media Reminder

Logistics innovated with Augmented Reality

United States Postal Service has launched this augmented reality application that allows their customers to find out if a certain shipment fits the box and thereby also finding out what it actually costs.


Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens

The human eye is a perceptual powerhouse. It can see millions of colors, adjust easily to shifting light conditions, and transmit information to the brain at a rate exceeding that of a high-speed Internet connection.

But why stop there?
In the Terminator movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character sees the world with data superimposed on his visual field—virtual captions that enhance the cyborg’s scan of a scene. In stories by the science fiction author Vernor Vinge, characters rely on electronic contact lenses, rather than smartphones or brain implants, for seamless access to information that appears right before their eyes.

Babak A. Parviz: "These visions (if I may) might seem far-fetched, but a contact lens with simple built-in electronics is already within reach; in fact, my students and I are already producing such devices in small numbers in my laboratory at the University of Washington, in Seattle. These lenses don’t give us the vision of an eagle or the benefit of running subtitles on our surroundings yet. But we have built a lens with one LED, which we’ve powered wirelessly with RF. What we’ve done so far barely hints at what will soon be possible with this technology."

Read more here: http://spectrum.ieee.org/biomedical/bionics/augmented-reality-in-a-contact-lens/0


Saab – Change perspektive

Bud Light – Dog Training

Samsung Jet – Fake Call (getting out of a bad date)

Suzuki Swift | Time for a Swift Exit?

Ikea Heights - Real life web soap

Ikea Heights is a web soap directed by David Seger on Channel 101 that’s secretly filmed inside of a Burbank IKEA. It’s not as a cute as those scenes from 500 Days of Summer where Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt play house, but some of the dialogue is rather inspired and there’s a big plot twist at the end of the pilot. Plus: How impressive that they managed to shoot inside the store without getting caught/kicked out!

Council & FEMA | World Upside Down


Extream Football

Sony Twilight Football, a global event taking place on 22nd Sept 2009 where 7 twilight matches will be played at stunning, specially chosen locations. The Twilight Football final is in South Africa, host of the 2010 FIFA World Cup TM.

Chinese shadow theater

Poetic projection of a bunny shadow on a building in San Fransisco.

Show at the traffic light

To demonstarte the speediness of mobile browsing, Movistar has realised a mini show at the traffic light in Peru.

Invisible flashmob

invisiblered.blogspot.com and Torke Guerrilla present the world's first flashmob of this kind. Amazing coreography!


Yellowbird – See the world like never before!

Within the yellowBird player, the 3-D videos really come to life. The apparent normal Flash player offers a unique possibility to interactively watch 3-D content, offline or online and every single visitor is capable to choose a desired viewing direction. Like being there yourself and turning your head. Next to a highly intuitive interface, the yellowBird player offers sharing and embedding functionalities as well. Any visitor is capable of easily spreading the videos online.

"What does a bird have to do with the latest recording and displaying technology? Everything. Our technology is about enjoying a totally interactive 3D view. A view that reaches beyond today's standard perspective and that is experienced by viewers as if they are floating. Just like a bird soaring through the sky." - Yellowbird

Now, go ahead and try it for yourself! It's pritty awsome:

See yellowbird.com for more information


Youtube vs. Blur Mashup


Liu Bolin - The Real Life Invisible Man

35-year-old Liu Bolin, from Shandong, China, manages to camouflage himself in any surroundings, no matter how difficult they might be.

Liu works on a single photo for up to 10 hours at a time, to make sure he gets it just right, but he achieves the right effect: sometimes passers-by don’t even realize he is there until he moves.

See more pictures here

Controversial WWF 9/11 Commercial


"This is everything that's wrong with the creative end of this business"

American advertising contest One Show seem to be entering into a "Dubai Lynx" scandal. One of this year's winning entries from DDB Brazil for the WWF is a....you guessed it: fake. In addition, advertising is trying to exploit the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

The text reads "The tsunami killed 100 times more people than 9/11. The planet is brutally powerful. Respect it. Preserve it. www.wwf.org ".

The indignation of bloggers was great. "This is everything that's wrong with the creative end of this business, all wrapped up in one shitty ad." Comment on Agency Spy.

Fairly quickly it came up that it was DDB Brazil, which made the ad in May and won the prize at the Office One Show.

Why the WWF commercial showed up at the moment is unclear. It has not been seen before, not even in May when it won the One Show. There was an explanation. Last night the WWF issued a press release in which the organization condemned the ad and declares that they have nothing to do with it. According to WWF, the DDB Brazil, or "outside advertising agency" as it says in the press release, presented advertising for the WWF, which promptly was turned down.

Earlier this year, it became a great scandal at the Dubai Lynx when it became apparent that a wide range of contributions from the agency, FP7 Doha was false, fictitious and not approved by the customers.

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Flash mob Warriors