Timelaps as pure beauty

Five days and five nights in Dubai. Enjoy. VIA

And here is one thats a little bit more crazy and dream-like. Its timelaps with morph effect... Enjoy:


Seizure Inducing: An Interactive LED Wall

This is a video of a movement-tracking interactive LED wall in Montreal, Canada. It was a joint project created by Moment Factory and PHOTONIC Dreams and utilizes the latest in seizure inducing technologies. Including, and virtually limited to: bright blinking lights. Still, it might be fun to mess around with if you're high as a weather balloon and convinced you're at a strip club. VIA

Freeze Tag - CANON



Audi TDi - Heartbeat

Avoid surprises – Mercedes-Benz

Awesome animals

Here is a site I want you to visit. This guy collects awesome animals, there for he's...awesome. Check it : http://thisanimalisawesome.tumblr.com/

The Augmented Reality T-shirt

Play the game at www.t-post.se


Vanishing Not

A film by Japanese Takuya Hosogane and music by Cubesato "Meine Meinung". An elegant choice of colors and style for this work entirely conceived with AfterEffects and Cinema 4D.

Diesel – Be Stupid Manifesto

“Greasy chip fail” Viral – Next time have a Pringles.

AXA – Reinventing Insurance

Steven Bonner Illustrations and Star Wars

My favorite graphic designer and illustrator Steven Bonner is a freelance based in Stirling, Scotland. Currently represented by NB Illustration. See some of his work here at www.akastudio.net/.

Ps. Did you miss the brand new Adidas and Starwars Ad? No probs, check the video here:


Martin Luther King Jr. Auto-Tuned

Augmented Reality Glasses

Mouse Trap – Nolan's Cheddar Cheese

A great ad illustrating exactly how strong this cheddar cheese can be! What a brave mouse. Love it!

Kent 4 Recommended – Brilliant job application

Application in the snow for the advertising agency Recommended. I shure hope Kent gets the job. Cudos


Guy Tattoos RayBan Glasses On His Face

In the past, RayBan has been rather successful when it comes to viral videos. Yesterday, RayBan released their latest video: “Guy Has Glasses Tattooed On His Face”. Under the name Never Hide Films, RayBan releases viral video to promote their glasses. In this series, their most successful video yet; the famous Sunglass catching video got over 4.5 million views on YouTube. Given the success of the other videos, we have asked ViralTracker to track the “Guy Has Glasses Tattooed To His Face”, now at 57.033 views, to grasp its viral spread.

Heres a little bonus for ya all, Eye Tattoos... "You ask why, the real question is; why not..." The video's worth a watch if you get the chance, and contains a whole bunch of good one-liners. VIA

Zimoun : Sound Sculptures & Installations Compilation

The above is a compilation of works by the Swiss artist Zimoun. My favorite is the woodworms, awsome.

6 Amazing Pop-Up Paper Sculptures

Just as it says in the title, 6 Amazing Pop-up Paper Sculptures by the graphic designer from Germany,Peter Dahmen. I'm thinking DM!


Experience Mobile Mobile

Work asked James Theophane to do something for their Christmas card. He works for an Interactive Agency. To cut a long story short, after a company-wide upgrade the agency had a lot of old mobiles gathering dust. He took these, built and hoisted a gigantic interactive chandelier/mobile that plays Christmas jingles in their reception. To add a little xmas spice to the mix, anyone can go online and enjoy annoying the hell out of people waiting around in the reception, by playing the thing live from their web browser.

Details on how he made it and some behind the scenes content are available on his blog: theophane.co.uk/mobile-mobile


The Honest 10000$ SPAM – Mother London

What happens when an unbelievable offer of $10000 risk free money is actually genuine? Mother London sent hundreds of e-mails offering a “Christmas gift”, only one fellow (Theo Delaney) responded…the only guy to “believe in Christmas miracles”. Watch what Theo decides to do with his windfall. (DON’T TRUST SPAM MESSAGES THAT COME VIA E-MAIL, but when good fortune hits…)

Havaianas Welcomes Winter

Madrid, Spain - Wednesday December 2nd 2009. Lucy, a Havaianas brand lover, reports to our consumer service her concerns about wearing her pair of Havaianas in winter time, in order to keep the Mental Holidays spirit all year long.

La Plagne, France - Monday, December 14th 2009. The ASTF (Always Summer Task Force), a team of experimented scientists decides to leave Madrid headquarters for the French Alps with the aim to answer this question by achieving several cold resistance tests.

Madrid, Spain - Monday 21th December 2009. A commitee of international scientists are gathered in Madrid to publish the results of the experiments.

Here is the video of the experiment. The conclusion is clear: HAVAIANAS IS WINTERPROOF. From the beach to the mountains, from the sand to the snow, it doesnt matter: it's always summer with Havaianas.


Keeping you happy is my desire, keeping you is my goal

In under 90 seconds, this kid precisely communicates what it means to be young and in love in suburbia.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

I’m sure you’ve seen these already, but every time I see them I am still grossed out! And they are now available at Perpetual Kid!

Parkour Motion Reel by saggyarmpit

Light Writing Proposal (time-lapse video)

This long exposure, and the making of footage, were shot over three nights in Raleigh, North Carolina as a proposal to Emily Kern. The words “Emily, will you marry me?” Were spelled out in light writing. The final image is made up of approximately 800 individual 10 second exposures. Both the Time lapse and video were shot with Canon 7Ds.

Augmented Reality Structures

A structure “NR Building” located near the station of Tachikawa and in the middle of a commercial district. Being a commercial building, signs or billboards are typically attached to its facade which undermines the structures’ identity. As a solution QR Code was used as the facade itself. By reading the QR Code with your mobile device you will be taken to a site which includes up to date shop information. In this manner we envision a cityscape unhindered by ubiquitous signage and also an improvement to the quality and accuracy of the information itself.

December 15th, 2009 they held an opening which included the limited release of an iPhone application made specifically for N Building. If a QR Code is static, what could we do with a dynamic device like the iPhone? The vision of the future is one where the facade of the building disappears, showing those inside who want to be seen. As you press on the characters their comments made on online appear in speech bubbles. You can also browse shop information, make reservations and download coupons. Rather than broadly tagging, they display information specific to the building in a manner in which the virtual (iPhone) serves to enhance the physical (N Building). The goal is to provide an incentive to visit the space and a virtual connection to space without necessarily being present. I guess this is a start, the building looks cool but the augmented reality still looks like shit.


The amazing intelligence of crows - Joshua Klein

Hacker and writer Joshua Klein is fascinated by crows. (Notice the gleam of intelligence in their little black eyes?) After a long amateur study of corvid behavior, he's come up with an elegant machine that may form a new bond between animal and human.


iPhone-Controlled Microcopter and Augmented Reality

Probably the coolest iPhone-related product to come out of the festivities at CES so far this week is the AR.Drone, created by a company called Parrot. It's a little working microcopter that's remote-controlled by an iPhone app, and it's decked out with all sorts of interesting gadgetry, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, and two cameras. A key feature is Wi-Fi integration, so the AR.Drone can actually be controlled by any Wi-Fi device, not just an iPhone.

Release is rumored to happen as early as March of this year, although the product itself is still somewhat surrounded in mystery. Apparently the drone has an "autofly" setting, in which it'll follow certain visual stimuli in the environment, and it apparently also watches the floor for flight stabilization. The features go even further than that, with the cameras on the real-life drone providing an augmented reality game feed (like shooting robots around your house as you explore with the drone) back to the iPhone.

Domino’s – The Pizza Turnaround

One of the videos that really caught my attention after I returned from vacation was "The Pizza Turnaround" from Domino's. It shows how a brand can end up benefiting from bad social networking. I guess you all remember the viral video from last year. Domino's was handed a PR nightmare when a video showed up online showing two employees laughing as they prepared food in a deliberately unsanitary way. The video quickly garnered millions of views.

Social network with consumer dissatisfaction can generate enormous damage to a brand. Domino's, given all this, decided to launch a new marketing campaign: the guys used the bad reviews from their own consumers (and not afraid to show it on video) to change their products and thus show confidence in these changes.

The entire campaign has been transformed into a truly inspiring documentary, filmed with officials of the company, and can be checked through the site www.pizzaturnaround.com.