Extreme Ice Cube Stunts – McDonalds Viral

I like how they did everything perfectly, and at the end he just misses the glass when he tries to put the straw inside it.

World's First 'Interactive' Beer Bottle (Is A Heineken)

This is the Heineken Ignite bottle coming out in a couple months. It's a regular beer bottle with a plastic base and LED inside that lights up in rythym to music and when you cheers someone or take a sip. You know, because we need beer bottles that do that. Fingers crossed they cost extra!

The office turntable

How do you catch the attention of agencies' creative directors when you are a music label and want to promote a new record? Kontor Records put together a clever direct marketing action and sent out a vinyl and an "office turntable" to its target group. The people in question just had to scan a QR code to play the vinyl and listen to the music. The operation was really successful and generated a QR code activation of 71%.

Fastline - Case History Fastweb

Fastweb wanted to promote its fast internet services and therefore entirely transformed a metro station in Milan into a japanese metro station. The message was that Fastweb is that fast that it can bring you from Milan to Japan in just a few seconds. People could experience the people, the ads and the culture of Japan when they get out of the metro and scan QR codes to understand what was going on.

Interactive advertising campaign for Samaritans 2013

Samaritans is an organization that supports and helps people in distress. Its members are volunteers. To alert the general public to suicide, the organization installed a screen next to a phone booth in the subway. When the phone rang, you could see who was calling and why. If somebody answered the phone, he or she had the chance to become a volunteer. If unfortunately nobody picked up the phone, the person on the screen committed an irredeemable act and the following message appeared on the screen: Let us not miss a single call.


Punish or Reward your car owning friends with The Armor All Viking Facebook app

The Armor All Viking is paying a visit to car owners up and down the country. Following on from their TV spot. Armor All has created a fun and humorous Facebook app at http://bit.ly/VikingFacebookApp that let's people send the Armor All Viking to punish or reward their friends for the way they take care of their car. The video combines Google maps and Facebook profile photos to create an entertaining experience for the person that receives it with an important message about taking care of their car. After all a car is a privilege and needs to be respected!


How to get more "Likes" – The This Is The End Guys Want to Be LIKED!

Here is a nice idea to promote the new movie This is the End. To get more fans on Facebook and generate word of mouth, the production put together a Facebook unlock program. When the page reaches 500'000 and 800'000 fans, the cast will post funny or embarrassing videos on the wall.

All eyes on the S4

People in Zurich station had to look at the new Samsung S4 price for 60 minutes in order to win it. The task was not simple! Each time, the eye contact stopped, the game ended. What's more, a huge happening took place during that time in order to distract the player. Well done Samsung! VIA

Smart ideas for smarter cities – IBM

Sky Brazil #SkyRec - Second Screen

The TV network Sky Brazil decided to take advantage of second screen usage to offer a new service to its audience. People could record their favorite programs by simply retweeting the tweet about the corresponding program on Twitter with the hashtag #skyrec.

Swatch Scuba Libre Collection

Swatch surfaces with a new look on life and a Scuba watch with a difference: it's not just for divers, it's for the rest of us, too. As we sail the streets of a gridlocked city, board a submarine subway for a storm-tossed ride home, or take the wheel of a sloop in downtown Manhattan, there's no limit to the power of our imagination when unleashed by passion and the new Scuba Libre from Swatch.

TrueFruits: Mermaid

True Fruits is a juice brand, 100% fruity and 0% artificial. To show this, the brand created the following ads, with 0% special effects and 100% clueless actors.

Red Bull – MacAskill Imaginate

Two years in the making, street trials rider Danny MacAskill releases his brand new riding film. Whilst previous projects have focused on locations and journeys, MacAskill's Imaginate sees Danny take a completely different approach to riding. Enter Danny's mind and enjoy.


Yamaha Silent Sessions with HJ Lim

Yamaha Silent Sessions with HJ Lim Most of us listen to our music on the daily commute through a pair of headphones plugged into our smartphone. But that won’t do for chart-topping classical pianist HJ Lim. The South Korean piano virtuoso does things in style with a sleek, ergonomic Yamaha piano. There’s no shuffle mode for her, instead she gets to listen to her own sublime skills by plugging a pair of headphones into this cutting edge, acoustic-digital hybrid. This is all possible through Yamaha’s market leading Silent Piano Technology to enable the piano to be played silently using headphones. When the silent function is activated, the hammers will no longer hit the strings and instead, a highly sophisticated sensor-technology captures all movements of the keys and sends them to the digital tone module. Read more here


Embraer: The Floating Catalogue

You know catalogues are dead when people have to resort to this to get traction! Introducing the floating catalogue for Embraer, the 3rd largest aeroplane manufacturer in the world, a high-end catalogue specifically for high rollers considering private jets for their corporations. The Catalogue has an electro magnetic base that when turned on, powers the magnets in the book to hover and spin just a few inches above the base station.

Beck’s: The Musical Beer Bottle

Introducing the world’s first playable beer bottle, by Beck’s in New Zealand, as an extension of their Record Label project. Thomas Edison’s original cylindrical phonograph was the inspiration for the project, with Beck’s attempting to fuse 19th Century technology with 21st Century music, this time on a beer bottle instead of a cylindrical tube! Then they had to design and build a record-cutting lathe, driven by a hard drive recording head, before reinventing Edison’s original cylinder player, using modern materials and electronics and built to the very fine tolerances required for what is now a glass record! Created by the guys at Shine. VIA


Photoshop Live - Street Retouch Prank

This might just be the best bus stop ever created, promoting Adobe’s “CreativeDays,” a series of 14 events across the EMEA, with this clever stunt that Photoshopped people standing at a bus stop in real-time and displayed the images on a dedicated digital AdShel inside the bus stop! Love this… #erikjohansson

24 hours human timelapse / Dan Black feat. Kelis "Hearts"

24 hours human timelapse, shot on a roof in Paris for 24 hours non-stop, 1 frame every 16 seconds, from 11am till 11am. "The heart never sleeps..." -- Directors: Chic & Artistic Production Company: Chic & Artistic Unlimited -- Dan Black's Human time-lapse / Paris Crew -- DOP: Bruno Pellarin / Gwen Le Bras @ Zoo Studio Set Decorator: Géraldine Nicolo Assistant Set Decorator: Eli Serres Characters Designer: Maddlyne Di Mino Monsters Talents: Aurélien Branco, Henry Scotland Roof Terrace: BETC -- Kelis's Shoot / Roma Crew -- DOP: Giuseppe Mottola Gaffer: Giulio Bastione Hair / Make up Artist: Claudio Ferri Studio Location: Marconi Studios -- Post Production: Chic & Artistic Supervisor / Animation and Compositing: Barbara Toth Graphic Design: Chic & Artistic Intern: Ambre Simon


16 excuses for being late for work

Nearly a third of us are late for work at least once a month and so onlineclock.net have released a video that provides 16 fun excuses to give to your boss for being late for work.