Air Pollution Kills

Hot Wheels Totally Awesome Out Door Ad

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy&Mather, Mexico D.F., Mexico. Creative VP: José Montalvo. General Creative Director: Miguel Ruíz. reative Director: Iván Carrasco. Head of Art: Iván Carrasco. Art Director: Francisco Hernández, Sergio Díaz Infante. Copywriter: Carlos Meza, Sergio Díaz Infante. Account Management: Pilar Troconis, Alejandra Gómez. Production: Juan Pablo Osio, Ereth Bolaños, César Gama, Ernesto Herrera. Photographer: Diego Arrigoni. Photographer Producer: Ezequiel Schnabel. Production Company: ONA Producciones / Rojo Films.

Worlds First Unretouched Make Up AD.

Your looking at the first unretouched make up ad. Love it, and hope this will trend. Kudos to "Make up for ever". (Click for high-res)

Dear Diet Coke

OctoGrip - Ford Motor Company

Say hello to OctoGrip, my latest creation for Ford. Great grip come rain come shine. We have the tires and the know-how to keep your Ford firmly on the road. Big thanks goes out to Vemod Studios for the superb 3D art. Click image for high-res picture.

Advertising Agency: Dedicate, Sweden. Creative Director: Klas Ekstrand.
Art Director: Marc Zacharoff. Copywriter: Torbjörn Wannerfelt.
Illustrator: Vemod Studios. Published: March, 2011.


Skittles Touch Viral

Put your finger on the screen and touch the rainbow. I love it, view in full screen for total immersion!

One green letter by Dragster for Cramo

To communicate to Cramo offers eco-friendly modular spaces, we sent a single chain letter to environmental officials in 16 of Sweden's largest municipalities. From Cramo modular spaces companies and municipalities can rent flexible, modular spaces. As the first company on the market Cramo has developed an environmentally friendly portable venue with a hydronic heating system, which allows pairing with more environmentally friendly energy sources. Quite simply, a green portable venue. That message would reach out to policy makers and environmental managers in 16 municipalities across Sweden.

Instead of sending tons of broschures we sent one single letter. In the envelope we added adress stickers and an equal number of stamps along with a letter in which we declare that Cramo has become green and therefore only can send a single letter. We ask the recipient to read the letter an then send it to the the next person on the list. And it worked.

Konzerthaus Dortmund: Concert Milk

Recently, scientists have discovered that when cows listen to music, they produce additional milk. The agency, Jung von Matt put that knowledge to the test with the Konzerthaus Dortmund. Konzerthaus Dortmund is a theatre that holds operas, musicals, and concerts located in Dortmun, Germany. The number of guest attendees were drastically low due to the majority of the surrounding area not interested in classical music or aware of the theater due to it’s location. Their challenge was to somehow increase the number of fans that listen to classical music and to increase the attendance of guests to attend the theater. With the fact of cows producing more milk to music, this gave them an idea to endeavor into an interesting advertising technique.

Performers of a live concert that played at Konzerthaus Dortmund would travel to a dairy facility plant and perform in front of a large audience of cows as they would produce milk. With the fact scientists gave, it was proven actually true that cows in fact produced more. A few selected stores in the surrounding area of the theater would shelf nine different types of milk with each bottle containing information on the bottle of the classical song being played to the cows. Consumers found that the taste of milk had a slight difference between the nine variants and claimed to taste more enjoyable than regular ones.

This advertising method provided success for Konzerthaus Dortmund and for stores that carried the milk product. In 2010/2011 year, the number of guest attendees increased by 19% and an increase of people listening to classical music increased vastly. The cows had managed to produce the taste of music.


The Sprinter applies for a job - Writing with Tire!

Advertising Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hamburg, Germany

Quadrocopter Ball Juggling – The Flying Machine Arena


Dogboarding - Yup, skateboarding on dogs

GranataPet: Check in, snack out. "Foursquare check in billboard"

With the slogan ‘Check in! Snack out!’ GranataPet wanted to gain awareness with a low budget. They’ve placed billboards at potential routes that dog owners walk with their pets. At the billboard they could check in on Foursquare (a check in app for your smartphone), once checked in a free sample of dog food came out of the dispenser at the bottom.

Augmented Kinect Dance hall Experiment

A performance called "Make the Line Dance" by Team 1024 Structures. Possible thanks to Kinect, which scans the body's movements. A video is then projected on to the body surface.

Joy Of Destruction

This is a paper collage stop motion video about the human drive to destroy and the absurd entertaining value that's attached to it.


Recycling a bottle, flashmob style

Awesome Jedi-Badminton with Lightsabers

Citroen - Dominoes. Moving Landscape Visual Effects

Artistic director is the awesome Psyop studio.

Mysterious black cubes in Paris

DDB set up black cubes in Paris that were sort of a cross between HAL and the monolith. When passersby pushed a button on the "Escape Machines," the cube asked them where they wanted to go, and then made their dreams come true in an eruption of confetti.

Head: Djokovic flying high Viral

For the new ‘Head’-campaign, the sport brand used one of their faces Novak Djokovic, in a very special way.
It’s not the first time Head goes viral, in the past they’ve managed to pull it off with Andy Murray. Now they’ve asked Djokovic to go and play tennis, on a flying plane! For me, this viral is way to long and slow. Fake or real?


Condom USB Flash Drive

Condom USB Flash Drive by Eugene Filatov. Computer virus, here I cum!

Absolut Glimmer - Write with light

To promote the limited edition of the Absolute bottle Glimmer in 2010 an sweet idea was created with typography and light in Brazil. The whole concept will be explained in the following video.


Meet Doug - Fords New Spokespuppet

In the past couple of weeks, Ford has quietly introduced Doug, an orange puppet, to publicize the company’s 2012 Focus. Doug is a social media animal — appearing only on YouTube, Twitter and (soon) Facebook.

Ford’s got some major Hollywood comedy talent behind Doug’s adventures, including Paul Feig, a director for The Office and Freaks and Geeks; and Rob Cohen, a writer for The Simpsons. John Ross Bowie, an actor and comedian who has appeared on Reno 911 and Curb Your Enthusiasm, among other places, and actor/comedian Paul F. Tompkins, of Anchorman: The Legend of Run Burgundy, also play John, the Ford Guy, and Doug, the Puppet, respectively.

Scott Monty, Ford’s global digital and multimedia communications manager, tweeted about a video of Doug thwarting a robbery to get the campaign going early this month. Since then, the video has gotten close to 350,000 views on YouTube, making it one of Ford’s most-viewed videos. Ford has loaded a half-dozen videos on focusdoug’s channel, including a press conference introducing Doug. (See the video above.)

Jon Beebe, digital marketing manager for Ford, says there will be a few videos added every week during the next few months that follow a story arc, but Beebe says these aren’t webisodes per se, but rather just an online advertising effort. The goal, says Beebe, is to reach consumers who don’t really know Ford Focus or know it only as an econo-box.

The Perfect Reflection

Pop-ups! They're Not JUST for Kids

A new exhibition at Bowdoin College showcases pop-up books—for children and adults—from the Harold M. Goralnick (Class of '71) Pop-up Book Collection. The exhibition, which is open to the public free of charge, is located on the second floor of Bowdoin's Hawthorne-Longfellow Library. It runs through June 5, 2011.

The footprint poster ( Anti bear farming campaign )

In South Korea, about 1140 bears are kept in small and dirty cages for gall bladder extraction to be used in asian medicine. The biggest reason behind maintaining “Bear Farming” is that koreans don’t have interests in it. Thus, the museum made the public realize that how much influence “indifference” has on bears via a large poster treated with an adhesive mater. You can see the result in the video underneath.

Deportees Midsommarafton by Adamsky

Fantastic music video by Axel Lindahl (Adamsky.se) for Deportees.


Porn in the USA - Yeo and Lazarides do LA

Remember back in July of last year, when Jonathan Yeo brought his series of works and portraits created from collaged pornography to Beverly Hills. It was part of a series of shows put on by Steve Lazarides in a temporary gallery and was entitled “Porn in the USA” (covered). Apparently, they were filming the whole time. Take a look above as Yeo and Lazarides are interviewed – all with the backdrop of some nice behind-the-scenes footage.

Adidas France 3D Mapping Projection

Creative Advertising Ideas from Students

Enjoy The Ride

Enjoy the Ride is a Road Safety Council of Western Australia initiative, brought to you by the Office of Road Safety. Our aim is to show Western Australian drivers that there is an alternative to speeding -- on the road and in life. And it's a better way. Superb Copy, vital words. I love this ad. Probably the best Road Safety campaign ever made.

Stockholms Stadsmission: Homeless Banners

With the campaign “Homeless Banners”, we want to inspire large and small blogs and sites to give shelter to a banner from Stadsmissionen. On the campaign site hemlosabanners.se, you can download banners in any format you like and put on your site. Over time, the banner will develop a warmer color the longer you host it, and the more people that click on it. The banner will also display your site¹s name and how long you¹ve been hosting it. Clicking on a banner leads to the donation page on stadsmissionen.se. On the campaign site, there is also a top list, ranking participating sites by highest number of clicks and longest period of hosting time. The campaign was launched through Facebook and Twitter. Interact with the banner and more about the campaign: Hemlosabanners.

Excellence in Title Design

A superb compilation of the best film credits (Opening Titles) realized by Ian Albinson for the SXSW. A concept by David Horridge, music by RJD2 “Ghostwriter”. Examples such as Forrest Gump, Dexter, Mad Men, Social The Network, Enter The Void etc

Dirty Toilets – Solidarity International

Abolutely superb video with a strong message. Art, quite simply awesome. At the World Day of Water, Solidarity International wanted to inform the general population about the plague of unhealthy water. This film was produced by Hush and was carried out by Clément Beauvais with only water and ink. Agency BDDP Unlimited.

(notes on) Biology - Robotic Elefant


Dawn newspaper: Wet

To raise money for the people who continue to be affected by devastating floods in Pakistan the countries largest newspaper delivered these wet newspapers. They only delivered them to a select upper-income subscriber list. This DM tried people to donate to the cause set up by the newspaper itself.

Guy Hacks Times Square Video Screen with iPhone

I was going to say fake, but then I noticed the guy was Japanese. No, but this is a viral campaign for the movie Limitless. This dude came up with the tech because he uses 100 percent of his brain capacity. Or something. Anyway, it's well made!

Amnesty International "You can save human rights, sign"


Global Warmed Animals

Axe Lynx: Angel Ambush

In one of the biggest stations in London (Victoria) Lynx has come up with this nice ambush campaign. In the middle of the station, a large dot was put were people had to look above. At the same time, an Angel (such as in their commercial) would fall from the sky. Not literally, but virtually.. Look at the result in the following video!

Augmented Reality Magic Mirror

Given a high definition (HD) screen, the customer can see his/her image reflected on it in a mirror‐like way. Moreover, he/she will be able to try clothes virtually on, overlaying clothing pieces on the real images of his/her body. Although this looks like shit, it kinda looks somewhat promising.


Japanese Tsunami, The Aftermath.

This is quite sad but so very powerful! Images from what remains of the town of Shintona in Miyagi prefecture, one of the areas worst affected by the Japanese Tsunami without the “noise” of the reporters! Created by Dan Chung!

The Awesome Cyclotrope

The cyclotrope is a cycle of 18 images that is spun at a certan speed so that the frame rate of the camera filming it gives the illusion of animation created by Tim Wheatley! Way cool!!

Honest Tea: The Most Honest City In America

Honest Tea, a soft-drink brand conducted a social experiment to see which of the big cities in the United States is the most honest one. By placing unmanned racks filled with Honest tea flavours, people could decide whether they would pay 1 dollar for a drink, or not. Honest Tea then filmed and counted the percentage of people paying for their drink. What do you think: are people from New York fairer than San Francisco?


The Burger King® STATUS TRADER™ Innovation

Concept, Copy and Art Direction: Andrei Khashan. VIA

Pepsodent: Don't let food stay too long

Don't let food stay too long. Pepsodent Torsion. Advertising Agency: Lowe, Jakarta, Indonesia. Executive Creative Director: Din Sumedi. Art Director: Adam Pamungkas. Copywriter: Bondan Esp. Photographer: Clarissa Peddy Photography. Retoucher: Rudy.

Hot Wheels Secret Race Battle - 3D projection mapping in Sydney

On Thursday March 10, Hot Wheels™ lit up Circular Quay, showcasing groundbreaking 3D projection technology at Customs House in Sydney, Australia. In a spine tingling show, the notorious Hot Wheels™ Skull Racers shattered the facade of Customs House as they competed in the ultimate speed racing battle.

Brought to life by international digital advertising agency Muse Amsterdam, in collaboration with PostPanic and BeamSystems, the projection featured footage of the world's fastest vehicles in a stunt ridden challenge, travelling through the Customs House facade and into a fantasy world. Hot Wheels fans, young and old, were kept on the edge of their seats as the racers smashed their way through one of Sydney's most historic buildings.

Conan O Brien - Kinetic Typography

An excellent typographical animation layout by student Gilbreath Jacob. The "good-by-speech" of The Tonight Show on NBC presenter Conan O' Brien. Illustrator, Cinema 4D and After Effects.


Citroën: Bip Bip

A man is driving an old car without any technology altough he thinks he has some great features in his car. This commercial was made for Citroën to promote the C3 which is loaded with specs.

Test drive a Volkswagen inside a print ad

Volkswagen Norway offered the very first test-drive, inside a print ad. The ad was placed in several Norwegian magazines and papers, presenting a long stretch of a road. Readers had to download an app, that would let them test-drive a Volkswagen by hovering your iPhone over it. You can test three different features of the vehicle—lane assist, adaptive lights and cruise control.

Credit Counselling: Business card

Just when you think they’ve done it all you see this. A very creative business card for Credit Counselling that looks like a credit card. This can be pretty confusing when you keep it in your wallet.

Manifesto Fragments - Impressive Stuff

A short experimental film on the concept of inspiration, “Seed” thanks to a collaboration between John Black (Cypheraudio) and studio Tendril Design+Animation Inc in Canada. Direction by Vini Nascimento.

The Strange Powers of the Placebo Effect

The Hands-Free Sandwich Holder

This hands-free sandwich holder might look suspiciously look like a re-purposed harmonica holder for lazy sandwich enthusiasts, cool or ridiculous? I'd say it's pretty damn awesome!

Super Mario Bros & Zelda with nextgen sound!

If sound designers had the capabilities in the 80s that we have nowadays, who knows what awesome nextgen AAA sounds there might have been in games?

Tornado in Pupping

Gever Tulley says: "This might just be the most beautiful piece of collaboration between nature and industrial agriculture that I have ever seen."


Go Fast: Canal bike

Amsterdam is known for its many canals and many people use canal bikes to view the city. Go Fast energy drinks installed outboard motors in these bikes and suddenly everything became a lot more fun.

Smartwater: Jennifer Annistons’ Sextape

Ok, how to make a video that goes virus, euh viral! Well, put a mix between cute animals, lip-syncing teenage star Keenan Cahill, dirty-dancing babies, the word ‘sextape‘ and ofcourse the always good-looking Jennifer Anniston. Oh yes, don’t forget the nerds that are drooling on Jennifer..
Update: Untill now, they only reached 835.000 viewers. Curious whether they will equal with the other viral-stars..

13th Street Universal: First movie in the ‘outernet’

For 13th Street Universal, Jung Von Matt developed the first movie in the outernet. In a mobile based, interactive mix between movie and real life, game viewers can experience their very own thriller and find out that 13th Street Universal is the best adress for thriller and crime in the most spectacular way. They become a sort of detective in real life and with their iPhone they can track down everything, interview people, take pictures for evidence and son on..
Best piece of interactive advertising we’ve seen in a while!

Facebook’s shut down True or False?

Administration Facebook emphatically denied the spreading of information about the imminent closure of the popular social network. informs CNN, which asked for a comment to the Director of Corporate Communications, Facebook, Larry Yu. Journalists asked Larry Yu, is it true that Facebook will stop working on March 15, as mentioned in the media.

“The answer is no. We ask you to help us put an end to [spread] of this nonsense,” – said Larry Yu and added that he has no document on the possible closure of the site, so he and his team will continue the work.

(Mashable) — There’s a silly rumor exploding on the Internet this weekend, alleging that Facebook is shutting down on March 15 because CEO Mark Zuckerberg “wants his old life back,” and desires to “put an end to all the madness.” We have official confirmation from Facebook Director of Corporate Communications Larry Yu that the rumor is false. We asked him via e-mail if Facebook was shutting down on March 15, to which he responded, “The answer is no, so please help us put an end to this silliness.” He added, “We didn’t get the memo about shutting down and there’s lots to do, so we’ll just keep cranking away like always.”

Let’s think about this for a minute. Would Facebook decide to shut down the company just a few days after announcing a round of funding, consisting of $450 million from Goldman Sachs and $50 million from Russian investment firm Digital Sky Technologies, on a valuation of $50 billion? The spurious report was started by a site to which we refuse to link, known for its reports of impending attacks of alien spaceships and false reports of a Michelle Obama pregnancy. The fact that this absurd hoax spread so efficiently makes us wonder: Will people believe anything?



J.Viewz - Oh, Something's Quiet (feat. Kelli Scarr)

Amazing song taken from the upcoming J.Viewz album. The lovely voice you hear is by Kelli Scarr (Also known by her work with Moby)! While the very sexy video is directed by experimental filmmaker Matt Lambert. His recent work deals with abstract representations of sexuality through a lens of hyper-realism and expressionism!! Great stuff!! VIA

Image of the day

Charlie Brown and Charlie Sheen

This is just epic! :)

Volkswagen: Twitter zoom campaign

Volkswagen Brazil recently sponsored one of the biggest music festival in Sao Paulo Brazil, the Planeta Terra Festival, where they decided to promote the Fox. Through a mashup of Twitter, Google maps and real world prize locations.

Truth: Unsweetened truth

The problem with most anti tobacco campaigns is that they don’t confront people with reality. They intend to be shocking but it’s just not real. In this case the campaign does both. Real victims of throat cancer are singing a song on a parade float. The reactions of bystanders are captured on film, now that’s confronting.

Old Spice: Behind the Scenes

This is not the latest Old Spice commercial but a behind the scene video that was released last week. Isaiah Mustafa and the creative’s of advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy give their opinion about the commercials.

Secret Stash - Concealing valuables

Secret Stash Project by Yi-Ting Cheng, filmed and edited by Juriaan Booij. This project is about concealing valuables, secrets, bad habits and personal information in our workplaces. Here, hidden spaces/ messages were created within 8 general objects such as wood boards, lamps and disposable coffee cups.

Google Self-Driving Cars Hooning Around

At the TED 2011 conference in Long Beach, Google gave rare demos of its auto-driving car. This is from the inside & outside of the car. The car is making extreme turns unlike it would on regular roads because it is on a closed-course and it demonstrating its capabilities. Having sex while driving sure got easier...

Camera Capture - Strange modes on your camera

If you've ever wondered what all those strange modes on your camera do, this may answer your questions =)


Saint Saviour - This Ain't No Hymn

'This Ain't no Hymn', the first ever solo EP by Saint Saviour, who used to be vocalist and songwriter for Groove Armada.

Keep A Friend Warm – Donate clothes to the homeless

The goal of this campaign was to make the people of Gothenburg, Sweden donate used winter clothing for distribution among the city’s homeless. A collaboration between the Femman department store and a local church charity, the campaign involved hanging winter garments from the regular Femman poster spaces, free for anyone to take. The tags and posters urged the public to donate unwanted winter clothes at the collection point in the lobby of the Femman store. The campaign yielded almost one garment each for the city’s 2 600 homeless over two weeks.

Agency: Dedicate. Art Director: Marc Zacharoff. Copy: Nina Janowicz.


DFM: Phone book

“It doesn’t matter what your business is about, carry it in a DFM” is the copy that matches this nifty page in a phone book. Obviously you will see the details of several businesses inside of the van.

But I still prefer this AD from Forsman & Bodenfors, 2005. Volvo V70. Source : Cannes Lions Archive, Gold Lion.

Repetto: Interactive Shopping Window

Repetto is a French ballet shoes company situated on Rue de la Paix near the Opera Garnier in Paris. Since Monday (28/02) they’ve managed to attract thousands of people to their storeby letting them interact with their shopping window. With the technique motion tracking people are able to move the screen and zap through several ballet videos made by Marcel, Paris.

Heres an other one for Chanel:


Kinect Cloth Simulations [Processing]

For the last month Victor Martins has been exploring what is possible with Microsoft Kinect by simulating cloth behaviour using Processing. It all started off with simple surface with plastic-type shader applied to it. These experiments quickly progressed to trying shadows and gamma correction control, tweeking parameters and finally rendering fur on top of cloth skin. The results are very impressive videos of Victor interacting in real time with quite realistic cloth like surfaces.

People put on fire thanks to the gurus @ Umeric

Surreal and compelling - really consistent colour grading with a nicely sun-drenched look. I love it! Director: Ash Bolland. VFX: Umeric.com. CG Fire within C4d, using Turbulence plugin. Track by wevie.tv.



Choose A Different Ending is an interactive film that allows you to decide what happens next. You can interact with it, choose what to do and decide how it ends. In Choose A Different Ending you decide whether to live or die. Start your own story here.

Bench Presses Advertisement into Bare Thighs

The ad agency DDB Auckland altered benches to press an advertisement for Superette, a clothing chain in New Zealand, into the bare legs of people who sit on them. They read "Short shorts on sale Superette".