BMW Z4 Augmented Reality Experience

This is an Augemented Reality from BMW. Designers may be used to the technology behind augmented reality and understand how an icon on paper can be transformed into a 3D animation. But we must never forget how our target audience thinks. For ‘the masses’ augmented reality feels like magic.

More "A-R-E" here

TORMENTED the Movie - Viral and Official trailer

Viral trailer

Official trailer

The sleeping dog challenge

This ultra one challenge is to avoid waking up a sleeping guard dog, while using a vacuum cleaner. Viral from Electrolux.

Flour Explosion - Firecracker

Kids, don't try this at home!

The channel creature... Can you see what it is?!

The channel creature - This weird creature has been seen floating on the Channel next to Dover. I have no idea what this video is promoting, and I can't see what it is that's floating on the Channel next to dover.

Update: Its a viral for thechannelcreature.com


Follow up of very succesfull Heineken Walk-in Fridge commercial. Cudos to Roger van Zijl for the link.


Lindsay Lohan Joins eHarmony to Find Love

After her long mourning period, post break-up with Sam, L.L. is back on her feet and going strong. She has made a commercial for eHarmony and finding true love, “or just someone to crash cars and spend her probation time with.” This video is circulating the web faster than a worm, yep you guessed it, viral. Lohan is brilliant to sign up for this video mocking herself as portrayed by the media.

"The Internet Symphony" Global Mash Up

YouTube presents the world premiere of the Tan Dun composition "Internet Symphony, Eroica" as selected and mashed up from thousands of video submissions from around the globe. www.youtube.com/symphony.


Partywagon / Partyvagn

This is a ruff translation of the text in the beginning of this video:
"My buddy got 400$ to buy a costume. He bought the cheapest for 200$. This is what we did for the rest of the money. We took tape, a shopping cart, stereo, stroboscope, battery and a smokemachine. And we created the PARTYWAGON!"


Toyotas face off


Boston Bruins: Date

Philips: Carousel

I'v seen alot of movies over the years but this is more bizarre in a technical aspect then Matrix or any other movie in that genre. I keep asking my self "How is this done?". Computers, yes, but then again...how? See the clip above "Philips:Carousel" then check out "the making of" here, enjoy.

Created for Tribal DDB, Amsterdam, Stink Digital and Director Adam Berg deliver this interactive campaign for Philips new CINEMA 21:9 TV. The cinematic proportions of the display became the theme of this piece. Adam responded with an idea for an epic frozen moment cops and robbers shootout sequence.

This 2:19 film runs as an endless loop, allowing viewers to control their moves through the scene. The film also contains embedded hotspots, which, when triggered, give us a behind-the-scenes look at some of the shots.

As many feared the death of the traditional spot, others embraced the webs potential to distribute longer form content. Not only longer form, but branded stories where directors and production companies had more of a front seat role. Adam had the opportunity to make a short-film which is quite far removed from the brand who funded it — and promotes them better than any product or tech-centric spot. This is an exciting time for story-tellers of all mediums.

Panamericana Escola de Arte e Design Sneeze

Personal Musica


The Time Traveler

No hiding I love Mac. I also like the future PC-outfit, wow.


Samsung HD Camera Trick Challenge

Samsungs Challenge: GUESS HOW WE DID THIS. This clip was shot on an I8910 HD phone, a new camera phone just released by Samsung with an 8 megapixel camera that can actually record and output video in HD format. It was shot in one take, with no post production or special effects of any kind. Everything you see here was done "in-camera". The challenge to you is to figure out how they did it. Can you? I sure did ;)

SPOILER: In reality, the mirror is simulated. A cameraman that is never seen is actually filming the scene, while a person is directly in front of him facing him and repeating all his gestures. A simple and cheap idea, the technique is very interesting as it forces viewers to re-watch the video, something that rarely happens with advertisements.


Colour Blind

Source: Snaps and bites

Never alone - aldrig ensam - Jonathan Johansson

What you are about to hear is sound produced by 5 people and one piano. Jonathan Johansson. http://www.jonathanjohansson.se/
Source: Ulrika Good

PS. Now that your listening to soft, slow and weird swedish music you might wanna check out "Nina Gordon - Straight outta compton" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6D5xpCgETk It's not from sweden but its "straight outta compton", and sweet like sugar and milk.


Ikea(?) Viral Paris

This viral appears to be for IKEA. I've tried to find some more details on it. But to no avail. Please help me out here, post comments if you know anything about it.

Nicely put together, but I'm hoping for a big reveal at some point to direct the buzz generated to the company responsible.

TOP 20 Creativ Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

No 20

Sparkasse, one of the largest banks in Germany, recently produced an extremely engaging and creative out-of-home marketing campaign. They spelled out messages using coins at the bottom of wishing wells. They messages said things like, “Wishes? Rather invest your money safely.”

No 19

To strengthen Dancow Chocolate campaign which communicates "it's delicious taste stays in your mind", a bubble thought shaped air balloon is placed behind a billboard belong to another brand, that also communicates delicious taste and implying the person in their ad is actually thinking about Dancow instead.

No 18

FearNet.com mounted these outside apartment peepholes and then knocked on the doors. As far as I know you can download this and print it from fearNet.com and scare your own friends. FearNet.com is horror, horror and then some horror.

No 17

This campaign for Amnesty International placed plastic hands grasping on drains, with “Wrong Colour/ Wrong Opinion/ Wrong Faith” branded across them, giving the impression that someone was trapped behind the bars of the drain. I think this is a simple yet effective way to drive how the horrific fact that in too many places around the world, people are being punished and locked up for having a certain belief or looking a way that differs to the regime under which they live.

No 16

I’ve seen various campaigns and art pieces that attempt to make use of cursors, tags, and other computer-specific elements in the physical world, and they always intrigue me, but when it’s executed beautifully, it really piques my interest. This ‘mobile’ on-ground communication created by Ogilvy Beijing consists of a giant computer cursor slapped on to the sides of DHL’s vans around Beijing’s Central Business District, effectively announcing DHL’s ‘24-7’ online tracking. Apparently successful, DHL’s phone tracking line has had a decrease in traffic, while online tracking clicks surged. Pretty simple. Pretty effective. Cool stuff.

No 15

This piece took place at Allsport, one of Curitiba's gyms, and informed people about the karate classes.

No 14

This bag was given when you bought a book by Belgium's most famous crime-writer.

No 13

The World Class surprise ad. For the launch of World Class new flagship gym in Stockholm, caricature artists were put on strategic places making free portraits of Saturday strollers. Unsuspectingly they received a personal hand drawn ad with an opening offer and themselves made as fit body bullders. World Class gave you the ad that you save, show your friends and put up on your wall.

No 12

To promoting the WINZIP data compressing program, the German agency G&P made an ambient campaign where they turned a power distribution box in front of a house into a replica miniature version of the house. The advertising banner on the front of the house read: “We compress everything. WINZIP”. I hope they made more replica miniatures then this to get a better impact. You could basically make a miniature of anything. Well anyways, like the idea.

No 11

No 10

London college of Communication "Learn to draw". Stickers pointing towards tags. Put up in London area around the Art College, focusing on the drawing classes.

No 9

This billboard is one of the most creative advertisements found on the highways. Created by Bic, it shows a giant razor that shaves the grass all the way up to the billboard portraying the image of a powerful razor. Except for the constant trimming of the lawn, this advertisement looks very effective.

No 8

No 7

No 6

This drink driving campaign is from saatchi and saatchi, australia. Black skid marks lead from the road up on to pavements and straight in to bus shelters, walls and park benches with the words 'drink driving ends here'.

No 5

This unique growing outdoor billboard by Leo Burnett, which promotes McDonald’s health-conscious menu items, just won a Gold at New York Festivals’ Innovative Advertising Awards

No 4

This is a marketing piece for the spot remover K2r. Virtually NO budget needed. Absolutely amazing idea and high impact. All you need is chalk.

No 3

The bag shop by the name ”Väskshopen” in Karlstad, Sweden, has during the fall been showing itself off at several airports around the world. At the baggage claim on some chosen flights at Karlstad Airport, the arriving travelers could see a Samsonite Aeris suitcase going round and round on the baggage claim carousel with an obvious and enticing offer printed on the side.

No 2

There are 111 Maui's dolphins left in existence. Our brief was to raise awareness of this issue in the lead up to a crucial parliamentary vote on net fishing. THe solution is simple. In the weeks before the vote, life-siza Maui's dolphins began appearing "trapped" in high profile fences across Auckland, inbluding the front fence of parliament. The campaign received both TV and press coverage. The result of the vote has not yet been revealed.

And the winner is:

This is a cool idea. It's for Mini-Cooper (BMW) in Spain. A giant mousetrap. On the front of the trap it says: "Let it be caught". These installations where seen in public places all around spain. I don't know the agency.

(sorry for bad image quality.) See more outdoors advertisment here : 500 publicités de street


Vigorsol - Nipples (Old)

Specsavers : Blurry Page

A transparent sheet is making the page under it look blurry. The logo of the optician is used with a question to get your eyes checked.


Guinness spoof of Boags Draught "Magic waters"

Department of Health: Out it Flu

Source: Ypsilon2

EDIT: Heres another one, this time from Comedy Central. "Enjoy the flu"


Love Distance

Source: Pleasecopyme



WWF - Before it's too late


Casiokids: Fot i Hose

Source: Mr Winnerholt


Taking Crap. Is What We Do.


Drop dead outdoor

Poor little Marie Antoinette was executed by guillotine 1793. This Sunday Channel One is going to show the documentary. Smart outdoor campaign, although I would like to have seen the whole adshell chopped. Guess you can't have it all... just like Marie Antoinette.

Source: Marketing Alternativo