Turned out Lidl was the mind behind #dillsthlm


Sound of Honda - Ayrton Senna 1989 - One of the best tributes I've seen in my life.

Much more than spectacular and incredible. One of the best tributes I've seen in my life.

GTA 5 - A Spoiler-Free Tour of Los Santos

The game of the year (Game of all times?) was released yesterday. It is thought to make a billion dollars a month for Rockstar Games. Here's some Grand Theft Auto V gameplay to cram inside of your heads. If you are one of those not currently playing it, this will be a delightful little treat for your mushy brains.


Remarkable Moving Billboard draws attention to Doritos stunt driving school

In the Netherlands Doritos has started its own driving school – to promote its new type of crisps: Doritos Jacked. It’s not just any kind of driving school, it’s a true Jacked stunt driving school, where you can learn how to drive a car on two wheels, how to park at speed or how to drive up side down. One of the instruction cars was used as promotion in the centre of Amsterdam as a real ’moving billboard’. If you want to learn to drive awesome join the Jacked Driving School.

Arcade Fire's Just A Reflektor: Behind the Scenes

Arcade Fire’s new interactive music video is called ‘Just A Reflektor’ and it’s been going off across the internet over the last few days, after the guys at Unit9 and Google Creative Lab’s Data Arts team, came together to create a whole new way of experiencing a music video on your desktop, by expanding the experience via your mobile phone. When you launch the site in Google Chrome, you’ll get a unique code that syncs your phone to the video experience in real time, where the movement from your phone starts to transform the story through a series of lighting effects, video transitions and alternate angles… Yes, it’s awesome. Try it here

Phonebloks - I want one!

A phone only lasts a couple of years before it breaks or becomes obsolete. Although it's often just one part which killed it we throw everything away since it's almost impossible to repair or upgrade. visit www.phonebloks.com to show your support and raise your voice.


What O' Clock Are You? By OnlineClock.net

Alarm clocks of some kind have existed since people have had jobs and although we're not always happy when that alarm clock slices through our gentle slumber, all of us agree that an alarm clock is a useful device. However, not everyone has the same attitude towards their alarm clock and with many setting their alarm clock for the first time in weeks following the summer holidays, OnlineClock.net have created this fun infographic to help identify your alarm clock personality. See the info graphic here!


Guinness brilliant wheelchairs basketball commercial

Volkswagen Golf GTD | Bellies

Star Trek Teleportation Stuns Shoppers

Volvo Trucks - The Hamster Stunt

This is a video from Volvo demonstrating their new Dynamic Driving system. How? The old fashioned way -- having a hamster in a little cage (possibly part of a table fan) screwed to the steering wheel of a 16.5-ton dump truck steer the thing up a cliffside road by guiding him with a carrot. Impressive, but it would have been even more impressive if you let hamsters work your new dynamic gas and braking systems too. Also, why is the video called 'Live Test 2'? Where's the footage from 'Live Test 1', and how much did you have to compensate the family of the hamster driver from that truck?


Infographic: How To Get Your Content Shared

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how sites like Mashable get some much social traction, this might just help give you a little insight into it, and to be honest, it’s not an art, it’s a science, knowing post by post exactly what gets the most sharability per post… Then doing more of that! Hence, my pet hate… The ’10 things you need to…’ type of list post! From this Infographic, you’ll see that your optimal time to post new content, is when both the US and Europe are awake, that human interest/watercooler type content is by far the most popular content to share, with Images and Video being key, but it’s value depends on the social network.
Cudos to MediaRunSearch for making this infographic. Please visit their site here. Click HERE for better resolution (Thank you blogspot for showing 8-bit pictures...)

Lexus: First Life-Sized, Real-Time Video Game

This is a very cool use of projection mapping from Lexus, Italy. To promote the new Lexus IS Hybrid, Lexus created “Trace Your Road,” an experiential life-sized video game event featuring Formula 1 driver, Jarno Trulli. “Trace Your Road” saw Trulli take on a series of improvised racetracks, each one designed by one of ten contest winners. The ten selected Facebook fans, chosen from hundreds of applicants on Lexus’ Facebook page, were given the chance to sit in the passenger seat next to Trulli and draw the course on an iPad that projected their designs onto the floor. The goal of the game was to hit 7 selected touch points in the quickest time, the person with the best score won.

Clouds Over Cuba: An Interactive Documentary

A cross-platform experience to showcase just how close the world came to Nuclear War, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, produced by the JFK Presidential Library. You are invited to explore 15 in-depth chapters of the crisis, with over 200 archived images, videos and sound recordings. Each, can be automatically synced to your iCal so that in seemingly real time, you can be invited to the meetings, revealing step by step how the crisis played out through each of the 13 days… Great story telling, it picked up in Cannes this year too!


Worst Twerk Fail EVER - Girl Catches Fire! + Reveal!

Start something new - Ikea

Watch a Girl Age Into an Old Woman in This Stunning Time Lapse

The video called Danielle was made by filmmaker Anthony Cerniello. Cerniello worked with photographer Keith Sirchio to take pictures of his friend Danielle's family. Awesome! "Cerniello traveled to his friend Danielle’s family reunion and with still photographer Keith Sirchio shot portraits of her youngest cousins through to her oldest relatives with a Hasselblad medium format camera. Then began the process of scanning each photo with a drum scanner at the U.N. in New York, at which point he carefully edited the photos to select the family members that had the most similar bone structure. Next he brought on animators Nathan Meier and Edmund Earle who worked in After Effects and 3D Studio Max to morph and animate the still photos to make them lifelike as possible. Finally, Nuke (a kind of 3D visual effects software) artist George Cuddy was brought on to smooth out some small details like the eyes and hair."


Ultra Reality: What would you do in this situation?

You won't believe what the new LG technology, Ultra HD can do.