North Kingdom Showreel 2009

Intel – Make Your Holiday Sing eCard

From the site Makeyourholidaysing.com users can send an custome eCard to a loved one. Just upload a photo of yourself, choose the scenery and musical style, and you're done, you're already the star in a music video. Happy holidays!

African Diamond Council – Conflict Diamonds

Commercial somewhat shocking created by Y & R in South Africa for African Diamond Council, an organization that seeks to reveal the truth about the rare diamonds that came from Africa. Anyone who has watched the movie Blood Diamond should already be up on the reality of Africa and the diamond business. It is a cruel market, and killing many Africans each year.

"Conflict Diamonds" is the production of Blue Panther Films, directed by Grant De Sousa.

Relentless – Lives Of The Artists Trailer

TWIX – Boca Torta (Crooked Face)

The Twix chocolate brand has launched a new ad called "Mouth Pie," created by AlmapBBDO for Mars, which was released 17/12, on YouTube. With production and post production exquisite, the film was directed by American Bryan Buckley, Hungry Man production company, named best director of the decade by AdWeek magazine, one of the "bibles" of the advertising world (we'll I dont know about that...). "Invent a break. Open a Twix.

Intel – Cannonbells Viral

When Intel showed us that their employees are not the same as the others, I thought it was just joking, but it seems that the guys are really crazy.

A new viral launched by the brand, called "Cannonbells" shows Intel engineers in Finland simply being thrown against huge tube, making the famous sound used at the end of their commercials. With only 2 days and almost 40,000 visits, the video can now be considered a success, and also has a site with the making of.

Naive New Beaters - Just Another Day


McDonalds – Your Free Coffee Is Ready

Machines were installed to make smoke inside panels in bus shelters. When the smoke began to pour out of the cup of coffee from McDonald's, the following sentence appeared: "Your free coffee is ready."
The goal, of course, is to promote free coffee to consumers. Its made by Canadian Cossette, with a little help from Dyna Graphics.

Dear Steve Jobs – Guerrilla marketing

A guerrilla campaign against Apple called Dear Steve Jobs (www.dearstevejobs.com) started yesterday outside Apples headquarters in Cupertino. Soon SVT (the Swedish public service broadcaster) Play will be available for the iPhone. Soon. The application just has to be approved by Apple first - which unfortunately can take some time. But if we all pitch in, maybe we can convince Steve to speed things up a little. So make your voice heard!

- We will have two people outside the headquarters in Cupertino today. They will in a nice way affect Apple to approve our Iphoneapp, we are now submitted for approval, "says Helga Baagøe, communications director of SVT.

Letter to Steve Jobs: "Dear Steve Jobs, we at SVT (the Swedish public service broadcaster) would like to ask you a favor. Below is a description of our SVT Play application. And to the right you can see all the Swedes who are eagerly awaiting its approval. So please Steve, hurry up and approve our app. We have tried to simplify the approval process as much as possible for you. Just press the green button below and record a video of yourself saying "JA" (that’s "yes" in Swedish, pronounced "yah"). Come on, Steve, Sweden is waiting. Say JA!"

The campaign was developed in cooperation with advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors. Mobile site is developed in cooperation with Doberman. UPDATE: The website was done by Fi – The Interactive firm.


IKEA : Cinema catalogue

One of those "Woooow wish I had come up with that..." ideas. Guerilla promotion teams equipped with powerful portable projectors brought names and prices of IKEA products during the movie on the screen – next to Brad Pitt, George Clooney and other famous actors. This surprising execution fits perfectly to the IKEA principle: surprise the many people with fresh ideas for everybody’s everyday life. After the show they consequently distributed IKEA catalogues in front of the cinema. I love it. But I'd hate it if it was projected in my cinema.

Dont forget to check out the IKEA Facebook Showroom while you at it.

Advertising Agency: DDB Germany, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Tim Stübane, Birgit van den VAlentyn
Art Directors: René Gebhardt, Björn Kernspeckt


Box Animation – Jordan Clerk (Canada)


Honda Civic Campaign – Everything

Honda Civic ad from Wieden + Kennedy in London. Creative directors: Tony Davidson, Kim Papworth. Creatives: Sam Heath, Chris Groom. Prod co: Outsider. Director: Scott Lyon. Music: The Battles, Atlas


Mnet Magic Studios


Mystery blue light hovers above Norway

What's blue and white, squiggly and suddenly appears in the sky? If you know the answer, pop it on a postcard and send it to the people of Norway, where this mysterious light display baffled residents yesterday. Speculation was increasing today that the display was the result of an embarrassing failed test launch of a jinxed new Russian missile.
Tromsō Geophysical Observatory researcher Truls Lynne Hansen agreed, saying the missile had likely veered out of control and exploded, and the spiral was light reflecting on the leaking fuel.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/

On Hoff Switch

iSpyLevis – Real Life Hide N Seek Twitter

The central idea – to use Twitter to send out clues to a location. The first person to get there and ask “Are they Levi’s?” wins the jeans.

EPSON – Extreme Gamer

Else Mobile – It’s Time For Something Else

More info here.


Limmy – your biggest fan!

"Hiya, I'm Limmy, and I'm your biggest fan. You should be mine." Fun use of Facebook. A must try. But be safe, its not safe for work. Well, theres no nudity but... euhhhm... You just have to try it =) CLICK HERE TO GET IT ON

Apricot by Ben Briand (in association with Nespresso)

Nespresso, the brand of fine coffee, for their latest commercial wanted to illustrate that “distinct flavors and aromas have the power to evoke special memories.” Australian film director Ben Briand came up with this vision of sensorial memories.


Google Chrome - Features

Google Chrome is a web browser that runs web pages and applications with lightning speed. Read more: google.com/chrome

Comment from youtube: "I love that video, I love the interface of the browser and I hate the fact, that google traces every step I do."

Metal on Metal – "BASTARD"

Here is the new clip from the electrogroup "Metal one Metal". Directed by "The Glue Society", it puts 2 players and a grenade in full action. Talk about building a climax! Thanks to Vytenis Škarnulis for the tip.

A Day In The Life Of The Internet

The internet is, like, big. So's this infographic showing just how crazy huge it is, and what 210 billion emails, 3 million Flickr images, 43 million gigabytes (on phones) sent on an average day really means. It hurts.

Geekologie wrote: "This is a graphic depicting what the internet goes through on a typical day. It's pretty freakin' impressive. But it also made me feel pretty insignificant. Then I realized I'm practically the ringleader of this circus (metaphor magic!) and that's when I removed the hose from my exhaust pipe."



Coke Zero Facebook App Searches for Your Digital Double

The Coke Zero Facial Profiler app aims to use Facebookto find your digital double. Coca-Cola promotes its Coke Zero brand under the guise of “having Coke’s taste but with zero calories” so finding an identical stranger is an interesting tie-in.

The app is pretty simple. Grant the Coke Zero Facial Profiler app access to your Facebook account via Facebook Connect and it will search for photos you have uploaded of yourself and scan them with its face recognition software. If you don’t have enough photos uploaded or if the photos aren’t right for the software, you can upload a photo from your computer or take a picture from your web cam.

As soon as the app has enough information, you’re added to the database and asked to invite your Facebook friends to join in on the fun too. Once the database is large enough (how large isn’t specified, but it was 22% full as of this writing), Coke Zero will show your doppleganger.

Coke hints that you might be able to have some fun with the information after a match is made, but is playing coy with the details. If you decide you DON’T want your photo in Coke’s database, you can request that it be removed and Coke says it will comply within 48 hours.

Like iPhone apps, Facebook applications are increasingly being used by small and large companies to promote or reinforce a brand. Personally, I like the idea of this app and can’t wait to see who it matches my face with!


Dear World: We're Sorry For Ignoring Global Warming

Do you believe the world is going to melt away due to global warming? If you do you'll love this new campaign from Arc Communications for Greenpeace. The campaigne hopes to catch the attention of those attending the 15th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. If you're on the side which believes global warming is just a natural cycle, you'll get a nice chuckle out of the campaign. See more here.

Social Media Addicts Association Meeting

Behind the scenes filming at a Social Media Addicts Association meeting, with members discussing the problems caused by their addiction in graphic detail. Be warned - this is harrowing viewing, not for the faint hearted! StopWritingOnMyWall.com

ICA - Jamie Oliver

Bad boy Jamie Oliver makes a guest apperance in the swedish ICA-commercial. "It's mentally on the set," he twittrade during recording. Jamie Oliver greets Stig with a "whatever!" and "loser". Then he asks "Do you have steps in Sweden?" and use Ulf as a staircase. To top of the arrogance, he calls Stig "Steve from IKEA". Advertising agency is King.

Whiskey Bottle That Rocks – Ballantine Equalizer

Whiskey brand Ballantine needed visibility behind the bar. The solution: an equalizer on the front of the bottle that gives rulings on music in the bar. Ballantines do not want us just to dance when we drink their spirits, but now we dance to - and with - booze.

It is difficult to escape the black bottle with the luminous blue bars that jump in the equalizer on the front. Equalizer is powered by batteries and the whole label is sound sensitive. It is London-based design company, The Core, which created the bottle that is now being launched in bars in England and also in 35 markets. 20 000 bottles have been produced, plus promotional material t-shirts. Equalizer The bottle will not be sold outside the bars. The bottle is part of the campaign, "Listen to Your Beat".

- The initiative will provide energy to the campaign and engage consumers, argues Ballantines brand manager Peter Moore.

Car Flipped By Wrecking Ball, Real or Fake?

This video from YouTube, shows a car hit by a large wrecking ball, is fast approaching viral status. The video description claims that a “Dodge minivan that entered a closed construction zone in Manhattan was accidentally hit and flipped over by the wrecking ball as onlookers watch in horror and ran for cover. Driver escaped with minor injuries.”

Everything about the video makes us think this is a fake. A few questions that arise: Why are they using a wrecking ball close to a Manhattan city street? Is there a voice yelling cut? Is there a flipping mechanism underneath the car? Would it be possible to survive from the impact? Why are there no news reports on the incident?

Is this a viral from Dodge? Or is the, “OMG! Car Hit and Flipped By Wrecking-Ball in NYC!” video for real? What’s your take, and why?

The 10 most innovative Viral Video Ads of 2009

"2009’s crop of top viral video advertisements show us that people are willing to embrace a host of creative approaches on the social video Web, from beguiling mini-films, to user-generated advocacy, to YouTube celebrity endorsers, to elaborate commercial-grade productions. That’s good news for creators. Regardless of the approach, the key for marketers is a solid understanding of what a brand is, who is the brand’s audience, and what moves them. Strangely enough, this formula sounds like traditional advertising. This year’s Top 10 is certainly a glimpse of how the viral video ad business is evolving, and as marketers, what we can learn from that evolution." – Josh Warner, Feed Company

1. Inspired Bicycles

Advertiser: Inspired Bicycles
Ad Agency: N/A
Why it works: Inspired Bicycles’ team rider Danny MacAskill scales fences in and around Edinburgh, Scotland. The video is as mesmerizing as its hypnotic soundtrack from music group Band of Horses. It’s a solid example of how a brand pursuing a niche market – mountain bike trailblazers – can reach the masses with a brilliant viral video execution.


Advertiser: Schweppes
Ad Agency: Publicis Mojo and @RadicalMedia
Why it works: A love story with few words, Signs compels you to watch until its poignant end. It conclusively dispels the myth that viral video executions must be short and gimmicky to grab your attention.

3. Piano Stairs

Advertiser: Volkswagen
Ad Agency: DDB Stockholm
Why it works: “Take the stairs instead of the escalator and feel better” is something we hear but didn’t often see until this sly video from Volkswagen appeared on the Web. It’s part of an inspiring campaign, The Fun Theory, that encourages people to come up with fun ways to “do good.” The video itself did well indeed, imbuing Volkswagen with a fun new ethos and racking up millions of views in the process.

4. BooneOakley.com

Advertiser: Boone Oakley
Ad Agency: Boone Oakley
Why it works: Boone Oakley, an ad agency from Charlotte, North Carolina, uses an interactive YouTube video to tell its story and showcase client work. Audacious and attention-getting, it puts the young company on the short list of ad agencies who get it.

5. Hosting Your Party

Advertiser: Microsoft
Ad Agency: N/A
Why it works: This is the ultimate anti-viral: a video that generates millions of views simply because of how profoundly it misses the mark. Comments have been disabled, but all you have to do is talk to someone you know who’s watched it to know why it was so generously passed around.

6. YouTube HD Camera Trick Challenge

Advertiser: Samsung
Ad Agency: Viral Factory
Why it works: One cunning way to get people talking about and sharing your video is to make them wonder how you shot it in the first place. Samsung went to great lengths to protect the “trick” in the video for their new HD camera phone, which got tech geeks riled up to try solving the puzzle. Geeks happen to be the audience most likely to buy the HD new camera phone, which is why this video makes our Top 10.

7. United Breaks Guitars

Advertiser: Dave Carroll
Ad Agency: N/A
Why it works: A traumatic experience for one flyer becomes a public relations disaster for United Airlines, when musician Dave Carroll uses a YouTube video to vent frustrations after his guitar is damaged at Chicago O’Hare airport. The takeaway: Viral video is a wonderful tool for consumer advocacy because chances are you’re not the only one who is upset. In this case, United was inundated with additional complaints after United Breaks Guitars.

8. All the Single Babies

Advertiser: singlebabies.com
Ad Agency: User Generated
Why it works: The huge popularity of this video, a baby dancing to a Beyonce song, is channeling ad revenue and donations into his college fund. This quick reaction to a YouTube hit shows us the toddler’s dad has moves of his own — something sluggish advertisers can learn from.

9. Guy Catches Laptop with His Butt

Advertiser: MSI Computers
Ad Agency: N/A
Why it works: In much the way Airplane parodies disaster films, this cheeseball video spoofs last year’s viral video hit Ray-Ban’s Guy Catches Glasses with Face. The inside joke is why we picked the video for this year’s Top 10. If you’re not on the web, you don’t get it. But for the millions who saw Ray-Ban’s video, it’s a wink and a nod, and an ironic sign that the viral video medium is maturing (or not).

10. JK Wedding Dance

Advertiser: Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz
Ad Agency: N/A
Why it works: A couple’s wedding entourage dances down the aisle to Chris Brown’s song “Forever,” springboarding this video into viral history (at least for ‘09). Instead of stripping the video of its music — something copyright owners are permitted to do on YouTube — Sony used its popularity to sell more Chris Brown albums



Google goggles – Use pictures to search the web

A picture is worth a thousand words. No need to type your search anymore. Just take a picture. Find out what businesses are nearby. Just point your phone at a store. This is just the beginning - it's not quite perfect yet. Works well for some things, but not for all. Your pictures, your control. In many ways this is the future. Give us the iPhone app now Google!


Shiny Suds Commercial

Korb: I'll be gone

A visually attractive and stylish video clip directed by Rimantas Lukavicius from Korb studio. The concept is simple: four cardiograms tracing on sheets of paper. All synchronized perfectly to Mario Basanov & Vidis feat Jazzu.

Hermes: Window Installation

A sexy and cool installation from Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka. The visual illusion is presented on the window of Hermes House in Japan. Currently on places until January 19, 2010. I love it!


Consejo Publicitario Argentino – Kids Never Forget What You Say



New campaign created by Ogilvy from Argentina for Publicitario Consejo Argentino. The campaign is to raise awareness about verbal abuse towards children, showing that a child never forgets what she hears, taking with him the rest of life and may have irreversible consequences. Production by Peluca Films, directed by Vladimir Duran and Diego Nuñez Yrigoyen. The campaign extends through the website www.escuchate.org.ar.

Sarah Blasko - Bird On A Wire

Viral Film Festival Paris 2009 Winners

The second Viral Film Festival (First one in New York -08) is over and the "best virals of the year" were chosen. Some of them I'v already posted in the blog before, some other were not, mainly because they are in french.

Category: Efficiency
Title: “Baby Break Dance”.
Client : Evian. Agency : BETC 4D Euro RSCG.

Category: Women
Title: “Versailles”. Canal+
Client : Canal+. Agency : BETC Euro RSCG.

Category: Young people
Title: “Venez comme vous êtes” (come as you are).
Client : McDonald’s. Agency : Duke Interactive.

Category: Sexy
Title: “The Candle”.
Client : Viagra. Agency : BDDP Unlimited.

Category: Music
“O Barack”.
O Barack (La Chanson du Dimanche S03E12).

Category: User Generated Content
Title: “Le Flamby”.

Catégory: Extrême
Title: “Transformer”.
Client : La Poste. Agency : Euro RSCG C&O.

Title: “Walk in Fridge”.
Client : Heineken. Agency : TBWA Neboko Amsterdam.


The drench Clever Hamsters jazz band + Auditions

The Auditions:

Dancing Smoke: Let Yourself Free

This is a beautiful piece of art by Esteban Diacono set to, and inspired by Olafur Arnalds "Ljósið". Esteban explains how he came up with the video and what effects he used:

"...I worked the particles and the particle subsystem and linked things like the emission, the turbulence, the velocity, the spin amplitude and the strenght of the fields to the soundkeys outputs...."

Ok, that sounds awsome, but anyways, the end product is just truly beautiful and looks yummy! Hope you enjoy it.

The Candle – Viagra

My Head Almost Exploded With Cuteness!

Geekologie: "I've been looping this video for the past 20 minutes and I can't stop smiling... it's already been on Youtube for over a month and has like 30 trillion views, so why I haven't seen it is beyond me."



Record breaking cocktail genius – T.G.I. Friday's

New viral launched by T.G.I. Friday's in the UK to promote its Shakin 'Up Christmas, Christmas campaign that has a special menu, cocktails, parties and everything. The video shows the Prestwich Crew, a team of officials from the network, doing incredible things inside the bar. Typical video that has everything to become a viral.


Skype’s Wilderness man is alive and live!

UPDATE: Rob wants to say thank you to all the people that called him so far and to all his fans all over the world. Also, for the next stage of his desert stay people can call and ask him for his stuff. In response to that he will pack anything they want and send it to them, in the end leaving him with nothing. So take it easy on the guy will you.

Go to http://www.phoneboxexperiment.com and interact with Rob aka Wilderness Man in real-time. Rob is fluent in English, German and Spanish, so should be able to wing it with the majority of nationalities and if not, will be improvising... not sure how hot he is on African dialect, but he’ll give it a go! There will also be an amazing surprise during the campaign, patience is the virtue of strong people.

UPDATE: People can send stuff to the guy in the desert at this address:
Rob Cavazos, Lista De Correos, 29640, Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain.

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Black Bones - Rhett Dashwood and Ari Wegner

Directed by the Australian realizer Rhett Dashwood and Ari Wegner, here carried out with the “Phantom” camera, and shooting in 510 fps. Post-production by DIGITAL Pictures studio. So slow..so intense... See more from Ari Wegner here (showreel).