I Believe I Can Fly - Mixture of ski and parapente!


Introducing Word Lens

Word Lens is a real-time translation app that turns your iPhone into “the dictionary of the future,” optical character recognition and augmented reality to translate text. The app is free in the iTunes Store, with various language pairs available for in-app purchase. The first pair released is Spanish-English, with more coming soon.

My head just exploded.

Looptaggr – Auto graffiti

Looptaggr is a DIY project by Ariel Schlesinger & Aram Bartholl. I guess it’s the fastest graffiti stencil system I’ve ever seen … drive-by graffiti. You can find a compete how-to @ www.looptaggr.com.


Merry Xmas to ya'll!

Whisky Dean’s – Manly Marilyn Monroe

Click photo for higher resolution.

Plastic tubes that walk by windpower! Theo Jansen's Strandbeest

Strandbeest walking ... Amazing job! "No pollen or seeds but plastic yellow tubes are used as the basic material of this new nature. I make skeletons that are able to walk on the wind, so they don't have to eat..." By Theo Jansen.

Human Beatbox Marionette (Electric stimulus to body)

If you remember Daito Manabe his Electric Stimulus project, he stimulates his facial muscles with small electric pulses, synced to music. In the new project, Daito Manabe and Masaki Teruoka has developed a Body Drum Kit. With myoelectric sensors, they can make music by tapping on each other’s skin. Watch in action! Electric stimulus to body + myoelectric sensor test1( Daito Manabe )


Seat: Mapping projection on car

A production of Vectorsoul for the Seat customer, in the form of this short spot and “projection mapping”. A work completed by Nerdo the collective of design based in Turin (Italy) and composed of Alessandro Durando and Lorenzo Levrero. To discover in video in the continuation.

Filmography 2010

This year's movies have legitimately transformed my idea of what is creatively possible. To commemorate, I've remixed 270 of them into one giant ass video.
All the movies from 2010 in one trailer.


Tinchy Stryder live at The Carphone Warehouse

Check out what happened when Tinchy Stryder and his crew descended on The Carphone Warehouse for a live session.
All of the music in Tinchy's track In My System was played on iPad apps.

The apps used were:
ElectroBeats by David Guetta. I Am T-Pain, v1.6.2. OttO - The Amazing Live Voice Reversal and FX Gizmo, v1.0.1. iVoxel, v1.3.2, Developer: VirSyn Software Synthesizer. DigiDrummer HD, v1.0. DrumBeats, v1.0.0. Hand Drums, v1.3. Instant Guitar Solo II, v1.0. Sample Lab, v1.0. djay, v1.0. DJ Mixer HD, v1. synthmate, v1.0. Synth, Patch Editor. NLogSynth PRO, v3. Synth, v2. miniSynth, v2.4. Filtatron, v1.0.1. KORG iELECTRIBE, v1.1.1. Pianist Pro, v1.7. KORG iMS-20, v1.0.0. ReBirth for iPad, v1.0.


The POWA ‘Neighborhood Experiment’

The POWA ‘Neighborhood Experiment’ PSA in South Africa is a powerful and disturbing one. The ad begins with a man playing drums in his home late at night. Of course, he gets several complaints from neighbors claiming that the noise is too loud.

The following night the same man turns on his laptop and plays a prerecorded track of a couple having an argument, and of a woman later getting beaten. The shocking part is that nobody comes to the door to inquire on what’s going on. The POWA ‘Neighborhood Experiment’ ad is a powerful commercial about the realities of domestic abuse.

VW Polo: recycling drop box

DDB Berlin came up with this nice guerilla work for the Volkswagen Polo. I know this is a little bit old, but it's still lovable.

Skoda Yeti - Park Assist System

Skoda distributed postcards to promote the Yeti's Park Assist System at the Bologna Motor Show. Watch the video and find out how simple an idea can be.

Salvation Army - Fretex "Surprise Catwalk"

This outstanding ambient execution from Kitchen/Oslo was created on behalf of Fretex, to communicate how second hand clothing will soon be part of the Salvation Army's fashion line. This "surprise" catwalk happened during Oslo fashion week, and highlighted how the clothes people wear will be fashionable once again, once they find their way to the shelves of Fretex. I love this!!

Hand-Drawn Billboard


Breda Photo infiltrates holiday snaps

Advertising Agency: SuperRebel, Netherlands. Art Directors: Roy Schellekens, Jeroen Manders. Copywriters: Arjan Hoekstra, Levi Sars. Published: September 2010.


Introducing the WWF file format - a Portable Document Format that simply can’t be printed out. "The WWF format is a PDF that cannot be printed out. It's a simple way to avoid unnecessary printing. So here's your chance to save trees and help the environment. Decide for yourself which documents don't need printing out -- then simply save them as WWF."


The "Slow Me Down" App

Must See: BMW - Flash Projection

The first cinema commercial that doesn’t use a directly visible logo. During an exciting Superbike commercial we illuminated the BMW logo with a harmless photo flash onto the audience`s eyes. When the audience was asked to close their eyes at the end of the ad, they were surprised to see the BMW logo as an afterimage. BMW literally got inside people’s heads – involving them instead of boring them.

Loom and 458nm (Awesome CGI)

Directed by Polynoid from Passion Pictures. Passion Pictures is one of Europe's leading independent production companies, producing award winning films in a variety of contemporary styles including 2D drawn animation, computer animation, stop frame animation, mixed media, and live-action. The Oscar winning company has built a reputation as one of the most innovative and experimental studios producing work for feature films, short films, commercials and music videos. Passion's multi-award winning Film & TV department has been involved with over twenty acclaimed feature documentaries

I Hope This Gets To You

"After my girlfriend moved away for graduate school, I wanted to create something different to express my feelings for her. I secretly created a song and video with my friends the Daylights in hopes that it would be passed around and get to her organically. WITH YOUR HELP, we can meet this goal and it can stand as a symbol of what we can do as an digital social community. This is dedicated to anyone who is separated from people they love."

Tour around New York City via a RC plane

Tour around New York City via a RC plane. Team Black Sheep flying in New York, over the Brooklyn and Verazano Bridge, around Downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Enjoy! How to build your own / FPV system information, camera and transmitter details, etc - here.

The Speed Camera Lottery - The Fun Theory

The winning idea of the fun theory award, submitted by Kevin Richardson, USA. Can we get more people to obey the speed limit by making it fun to do? Kevin Richardson’s was so good that already been tested, together with The Swedish National Society for Road Safety in in Stockholm.
"Instead of only photographing drivers who are caught speeding, this camera also photographs those driving within the speed limit and automatically enters them in a lottery that’s funded by the money generated by the speeding tickets."


Anti-Drunk Applications

Just like “drunk-texting,” there is also a symptom called “drunk-posting.” For those of you who are guilty of this, there is now the Social Media Sobriety Test that will deter you from doing such embarrassing things.

Drunk-posting is the result of getting hammered and engaging in social media sites late at night, only to regret your slurred posts the next morning. The Social Media Sobriety Test app lets you input what times you are most vulnerable and blocks you from accessing Facebook or Twitter during those hours. Further, the app makes you pass a mental-agility test, like dragging a cursor in a straight line, in order to access those sites when intoxicated. The Social Media Sobriety Test is a genius idea for all those digital drunkards out there.


The Human Jukebox – Swallow tailor made wireless sound system

It might appear to be pure madness, but instead it's just an extraordinary conviction. On Friday, the 26th of November, Fredrik Hjelmquist, CEO of Pause Home Entertainment Store will swallow a tailor made wireless sound system and transform into a Human Jukebox. And the conviction? When it comes to tailor made sound systems, anything is possible. thehumanjukebox.se/


Solar furnace melts rock

A high-performance solar furnace that can focus normal sunshine into a heat-ray that reaches 3,500C, hot enough to melt rocks. Coo! The story from BBC One's "Bang Goes the Theory"


"4TH AMENDMENT UNDERCLOTHES Now there's a way to protest those intrusive TSA X-ray scanners without saying a word. 4th Amendment Metallic ink-printed undershirts and underwear. Assert your rights without saying a word."

ShowMe.TV Video Contests for the Community

ShowMe.TV is not a regular social community,it has a unique concept based on a video contest community that challenges and rewards its members to compete in regular video-based contests across four categories. In a unique twist, ShowMe.tv also enables members to bet on their favourite contest entry, and rewards the traditionally unremunerated voter with cash prizes if they bet on the winning video.

ShowMe encourages individuals to compete in contests across four key categories; – Sports, Beauty Island – Beauty, Donkey Circus – Pranks and Jam Planet – Music, by uploading short video clips where they can express themselves, sharing their passions and interests with the community. Every month ShowMe.tv launches contests across each category. Contests last for eight weeks and are won by the video entry that receives the most votes. LINK


B-Reel Showreel 2010

I like B-Reel. It's true. It's almost love. www.b-reel.com/

We All Want to Be Young

The movie "We All Want to Be Young" is the outcome of several studies developed by BOX1824 in the past 5 years. BOX1824 is a Brazilian research company specialized in behavioral sciences and consumer trends.


8BITS – Video game cliches at it's best!

Too awesome. Great work with all the cliches!

Plastic comes alive! One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation

One Hundred and Eight is an interactive wall-mounted Installation mainly made out of ordinary garbage bags. Controlled by a microcontroller each of them is selectively inflated and deflated in turn by two cooling fans.

Although each plastic bag is mounted stationary the sequences of inflation and deflation create the impression of lively and moving creatures which waft slowly around like a shoal. But as soon a viewer comes close it instantly reacts by drawing back and tentatively following the movements of the observer. As long as he remains in a certain area in front of the installation it dynamically reacts to the viewers motion. As soon it does no longer detect someone close it reorganizes itself after a while and gently restarts wobbling around.

2.40 x 1.80 m
fans, plastic bags, MDF, relays,
a camera, a computer, a microcontroller
and countless screws
summer/autumn 2010

Letterbombing - The First Attacks

Keep Fear Alive! The inside story of a group of rogue ad execs who hijacked Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck’s Facebook pages—and how you can, too.
The vertical message that ran down the left side on Glenn Beck's Facebook page the night of October 14 read clear as that evening's sky:
"K-E-E-P F-E-A-R A-L-I-V-E." Minutes after the first message appeared, the same letters, in the same order, began turning up on the fan pages of FOX News', Sarah Palin, and hilariously, Justin Bieber. Each letter was displayed in the space where a profile picture would normally be, next to a posted comment. As each Facebook user posted their comments in the right order, the message came to life.


Kilian Martin: A Skate Regeneration

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Brett Novak. Filmed in Barcelona, Spain (2:02-2:05 in Lloret De Mar, Spain) between October 10-23, 2010 on the Panasonic HVX-200. Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. Music graciously provided by: Patrick Watson - "Fireweed".

Real car makes animated car come to life – Subaru WRX STI

See what happens when the pure performance of the 2011 Subaru WRX STI powers a commercial.


Facebook Book

"Bouygues Telecom asked us to come up with an idea to launch their facebook platform. They wanted us to create something that would go beyond using your profile picture in a funny way, or pranking your friends with a small joke. We decided to look at the way we use facebook and found that even though we use the social networking site everyday, we forget our favorite moments we share online. So we created an app that could change that, and keep your facebook, in a book. Developed by Perfect Fools" - Siavosh Zabeti


"What is beauty?" Explained by Denis Dutton. TED.

Eye Candy: The Most Realistic CG I've Seen

This is a 1:00 commercial for kitchen sinks or something made by Alex Roman entirely with computer graphics. I know you want to believe it's real, but it's not.
Per Alex: Asking your questions; yep, it's all CG -same process as T&S- I tried to put some live-footage shots but i run out of time so CGI did the trick. Whole production was 2 and a half months for the initial concept to the final editing; two people: Juan & me.

So yeah, this is the first time you'll watch CGI and argue it's all real. Have fun with that. I also embedded a impressive 13:00 short by Alex that's also entirely CGI (and impressive as hell).

Please hit fullscreen.


Homemade spacecraft – Space flight iPhone camera footage

Video from a camera attached to a weather balloon that rose into the upper stratosphere and recorded the blackness of space. Seven-year-old Max Geissbuhler and his dad Luke Geissbuhler dreamed of visiting space. Armed with just a weather balloon, a video camera, and an iPhone, they basically did just that. The father-and-son team from Brooklyn managed to send their homemade spacecraft up nearly 19 miles, high into the stratosphere, bringing back perhaps the most impressive amateur space footage ever. The duo housed the video camera, iPhone, and GPS equipment in a specially designed insulated casing, along with some hand-warmers and a note from Max requesting its safe return from whomever may find it after making it back to solid ground. All told, father and son spent eight months preparing for their homemade journey into space, in hopes of filming "the blackness beyond our earth."


No-Sign Billboard by Lead Pencil Studio

Non-Sign II by Lead Pencil Studio is the billboard of the year IMHO.

Georges Rousse – Optical illusions are awesome!

Georges Rousse (born 1947 in Paris) is a French photographer. Rousse's work, from the 1990s to today, generally appears at first glance to be photos of desolate or abandoned spaces (buildings, rooms, parking garages or streetscapes) often on their way to the wrecking ball, on which the artist has superimposed precise geometrical shapes or squiggly graffiti. So no, this is NOT photoshop, it's pure awesomeness. (Click for higher resolution)


MAC 'Body Paint'

Resin is an Australian based boutique visual effects, animation & live action studio. Their most recent project for the Motor Accident Commission: MAC ‘Body Paint’, looks at educating motorcycle riders on the importance of wearing the right safety gear. There is a perception out there that if you have you’re helmet on you’ll be ok, but reality is if you aren’t wearing the right gear, you might as well be wearing nothing. Enter awesome idea....and seriously cool production to be involved with.

Agency : Clemenger BBDO. Production Co : FG Entertainment. Director : Phil Meatchem. Producer : Leah Churchill-Brown. VFX Supervision : Resin. Animation & VFX : Resin. Post & Colour : Resin. Body Paint : Emma Hack. Editor : Toby Denneen. Sound : Sonar Music.


Big Pony Fragrance Collection in 4-D Light Show

The Big Pony Fragrance Collection featured in a Ralph Lauren 4-D light show, the ultimate collision of Fashion, Fragrance, Art & Technology utilizing innovative architectural video mapping and a light scenting of the Big Pony Fragrances for an ultimate sensory experience.
Thanks to Scott.


Huge light drawing viral video - A great number of people

Awesome light drawing animation. Almost gave me goose bumps.


Just When You Though You've Seen Everything...

Graeme Anthony C.V.I.V - Intro

36 Skaters Make Downhill Neon Video Game w/ Freebords

Sleepiness is stronger than you.

Great ad. Great copy.

The Desks of Creative Individuals

Very nice short. I don't feel so bad about my desk at work now. Einstein and I had something in common!


Batelco INFINITY – A Commercial With Extra Everything.

An EPIC ad film about a journey through people's ideas. Ideas you never thought possible. A commercial - with extra everything. The brief many advertising agencies dream about: Splurge on, no limits, and the theme is to realize dreams. FP7 in Bahrain was commissioned to create advertising for the film Infitity operator Batelco. It is not often advertising from Arab countries reach the West. The operator Batelco in Bahrain has global ambitions and gave the assignment to the advertising agency FP7 previously been known to fake their contribution to the Dubai Lynx advertising competition.

How large the budget was not clear but crative director of FP7 Fadi Yaish told Shots that media budget was not of international standard. "- The most effective solution for reaching across borders was to reach out in social media."

It took the Agency and directors Alexander Kiesel and Steffen Hacker a year to do a 3.20 minutes long film. And they have borrowed from the most technologically advanced movies and made a commercial with extra everything. There are cars that change shape, soccer tricks and big gorillas. And the film has succeeded. In just over a week has been Batelco 100 000 Facebook fans from 46 countries.