Heineken Light | Occasionally Perfect Billboard Chicago

On September 28, 2011 our Chicago billboard in Wrigleyville became #OccasionallyPerfect.

Roxy Pro - Opération Orange Facebook Ambient Ad Campaign

Orange is an avid supporter of international sport event. Orange believes in pushing the envelope to bring people ever richer experiences straddling the real & digital world. At Roxy Pro 2011, Orange gave surf fans the power to share this amazing event with their friends: Live! Thanks to a simple move, a Facebook Connect Wristband allow people to live and share a real-life experience with their friends. People check-in their location to share photos for daily prizes. Massive success : 100% of bracelets used / 4+ "check" per fan / 120.000 views on Facebook. VIA Youtube

Cannes Lions Favorites

Here are my favorite pics from this years Cannes Lions. Durex: "Club Crasher" print ad "Get In Anywhere..." and Sony Playstation – Victor (Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi). Click for higher resolution.

Chevy Sonic - Stunts Skydive

On September 22nd, 2011, the Chevy Sonic went on its first adventure. Watch the action high above the Arizona desert.


Easton: Ultimate batting practice

This short video appeared on the internet a couple of weeks ago. People were asking the question if these amazing batting skills were fake or real? Realists amongst us immediately identified it as a viral video but still hoped it was for real. Now we know, sadly enough, it is just an other fake video. This time by American sports equipment producer Easton.


Red Bull: Music Academy World Tour

The advertising campaign for the Red Bull Music Academy World Tour is such a product of creative collaboration that its co-founder Many Ameri thinks it should be considered an extension of the Academy’s philosophy. “It’s a stand-alone art piece,” he says, of the 3-minute music video created by Mother, N.Y. and Passion Pictures that stitches together a mind-boggling array of creative techniques, both traditional and cutting-edge.

Senai: Fire extinguisher

To promote diving courses, the copywriter Damilo has created an installation using the wall behind a fire extinguisher.

Sonera: 4G Speed Test

Mobile operator Sonera was the first to open 4G — the world’s fastest mobile connection in Finland. How to tell this in a traditional print media? Without being traditional. Since 4G is all about speed, we created a game — a reaction speed test. By challenging yourself and your friend you were able to win a Sonera 4G connection.


Hertz - Give The Dog A Bone

Smart and simple advertising campaign to announce that Hertz now have dog cages fitted in their hire cars. Music by Jens Duvsjö. VIA Youtube


The Best Playstation Commercial Ever Made

This is the best Playstation commercial made to date. It's awesome, and features cameos from a number of everyone's favorite characters. It's told from the characters' point of view, thanking you, the player, for helping them on their journeys. It was kind of touching in a "NO I'M NOT CRYING I JUST GOT GLASS IN MY EYE" kinda way. Really reminded me of just how many games I've played that actually have made me feel like I was part of something greater and not just a shirtless man-child laying on a stained couch in front of an off-brand flatscreen with a controller in his hands. VIA

London 2012 Hopeful Jumps Three MINIs #MINIjump

Can you jump over three cars? Probably not. Can you jump over three Mini's? J.J. Jegede can! England long jump champion and London 2012 hopeful J.J. Jegede succeeds in his attempt to clear three MINI London 2012 Edition models in red, white and blue of course. VIA


Think different - In memory of Steve Jobs

Nissan Frontier: Landing Gear Interviews

Latest viral from Nissan. With full-size payload and towing, the Nissan Frontier is the mid-size truck that acts like a full size, giving the driver the feeling they can tackle any obstacle.

The Billboard Takeover

Scandlines runs the passenger ferries across Öresund, the channel between Sweden and Denmark. In this campaign we reused authentic Danish billboards and hijacked them in order to attract Swedes to well-known excursions on the other side of the channel.

SL Pride 2011 - Our Proudest Bus Ever

SL Pride 2011 campaign “Our proudest bus ever” The idea is to enable Facebook users to upload their profile pictures on SL’s new double-decker buses — which are then color coded to a rainbow. We want everyone who can’t attend the parade to be able to participate and show their support. SL will also broadcast the parade live in 360 degrees so that everyone can experience the parade from a distance. VIA

Google: Know before you go

Visualy strong and a brilliant concept. You should definitely check the description of the hotel in the upper left corner. If families would book this hotel based on the description they should probably take a look on Google Street View, because the hotel description isn’t what you would think it is.

Utenos: Friday, the nameless beer.

Utanos, a Lithuanian beer producer launched a new kind of beer. To promote trail, they did not gave the beer a name, instead people could suggest names and vote. The most popular name got selected. Thanks to Kristijonas for the tip.


All to All – 7,000 high resolution stills shot using a microscope.

A rejected concept made for the Broken Social Scene song ‘All to All.’ It’s composed of over 7,000 high resolution stills shot using a microscope, some paper and bad printer. Created by JJ Gross. I think it is just wonderful and so very unique!!


Introducing Google Wallet

Well here it is. The long awaited Google Wallet went live a couple days ago, and will be pushed to owners of the Sprint Nexus S 4G phones in an over-the-air software update, meaning it will only be available to a very select few people in the US this week. It’s expected to grab momentum quickly, but at the same time, I know there is a huge debate around its relevance and potential scale. But perhaps, the best thing to do is just watch the video…

Vodafone: Buffer Busters AR Gaming App

Tip of the day: Purchase Rolex Watches at 90% off! Click here. Vodafone Germany has released a new Augmented Reality mobile gaming app called “Buffer Busters” challenging users to go hunting virtual “Buffer Monsters” that are slowing down networks.
The location based app guides you infested areas all over the country, where you use the augmented reality shooter to capture the monsters, storing them for when you can get to a Vodafone store to return in exchange for virtual points and badges on the path to winning one of three lifetime plans!
It it’s an interesting ploy for Vodafone to take aim around the whole slow network debate, but also a new way to approach driving store traffic, if that was in fact a goal. VIA

Disney AppMATes: Cars 2 Toys For The iPad

Well here comes the next toy revolution from Disney, it’s called AppMATes; physical toys that interact with iPad apps and games.
The idea is that toys trigger various levels, effects, sounds, narration and experiences based what car is actually placed on the iPad. It works by special sensors (patent pending of course!) that are placed on the bottom of the cars and when pressed down on the iPad surface, the individual cars are recognised by the app accordingly, turning the iPad into a virtual play mat for kids, and I suspect, just about anyone who is young at heart! And so this is the future of toys… right before our eyes…

Twitter Charity Swear Jar

Here’s a fun idea for a Friday and it helps raise money for charity so leaves you feeling good! We all know how a swear jar works, well here’s the online equivalent. Charity Swearbox is a donation-based site that provides Twitter users with a way to rectify their bad language online. You can login with your Twitter details where the app will detect all of your recently tweeted swear words and suggest a donation related to your profanities. You can then simply select a charity to donate to and submit your payment via Paypal. If you haven’t sworn at all, you can post a swear-filled tweet right there in the app. Love the simplicity of this one, what do you think? This idea is the work of two creative friends James Dow and Jay Gelardi.


Modernizing Classics

A campaign for the Institute of Play. The idea is to create profiles on social media for literary characters so that students can follow and interact with them. This way young people might get excited about reading and understanding literature. Made by Monkey & Monkey.

Horse Pen: Non-stop writing billboard


KLM: Live Twitter Reply

KLM now responds to your questions within the hour via their Twitter account. To promote the 24/7 service, they replaced their usual typed responses by a living alphabet.

For 1 day, The KLM Reply saw 140 KLM employees give unique replies to friends’ and followers’ tweets and posts, by assembling the answer live before their eyes. All within the hour.