Jack Daniel’s: Kingbee

Jack Daniel’s introduces their new whiskey brand Tennessee Honey with a great product launch ad campaign titled ‘King Bee’. The legendary whiskey company, along with advertising agency Arnold Worldwide have created a great spot that features incredible visuals that combine 3D animation with live action scenes.

Reporters without borders: The Voice

This mobile campaign is create by Publicis Brussels for Reporters without Borders, a non-profit organisation which defends the freedom to be informed and to inform others no matter in which regime. An application was made where a voice would take over the words of a dictator.. “Because there are mouths that will never speak the truth.” VIA


Strange Insect Discovered

A photo of the mark left by Hoola. As you can see there is a distinctive figure 8-shaped hoop, and a red blemish on the surface of the skin with a hollow white inner. The mark is not raised in any way nor are there any puncture marks visible on the skin’s surface. Read more here http://www.hoolaeffect.com/

M2 - Career in advertising

Commercial for M2, a media & marketing fair held at Stockholm School of Economics, Written and Directed by: Bill Schumacher.

The "Life in a Day" Trailer

"On July 24, 2010, thousands of people around the world uploaded videos of their lives to YouTube to take part in Life in a Day, a historic cinematic experiment to create a documentary film about a single day on earth. Now, it's time to watch their story unfold on the big screen. Directed by Oscar winner Kevin Macdonald, Life in a Day wowed audiences at the Sundance, Berlin and SXSW film festivals and during its YouTube world premiere in January. This summer, you'll be able to watch the movie in a theater near you. "

Walls by Alexandre Farto aka Vhils.

The world's smallest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8

Professor Fletcher's invention of the CellScope, which is a Nokia device with a microscope attachment, was the inspiration for a teeny-tiny film created by Sumo Science at Aardman. It stars a 9mm girl called Dot as she struggles through a microscopic world. All the minuscule detail was shot using CellScope technology and a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics.


A Table for Good

The idea: Getting a table in NYC can be tricky. 'A Table for Good' collaborates with existing City Harvest restaurants and offers New Yorkers a special reservation that they can pay for. The money goes directly to City Harvest. One Show 2011 Non-Traditional Advertising - Finalist (Awards will be announced May 11th) and One Show 2011 Online Advertising - Finalist (Awards will be announced May 11th).

Thanks to Jacob Sempler for the tip!

Mr Milk - Tine Melk Styrker Kroppen (Norwegian)

Please Norwegians! Can't we trade milk ads? Just for a week? All we got in ours are cows, fat farmers and little kids. Mr Melk is the shit. I've tried your milk. It's true, it's does "Smaker gott"

Thanks to @entapir for the tip!

Estrella Damm – Summer is here!

Thanks to Wetter @Supernormal for the tip.

Drunk Valet

Imagine you're going to the restaurant, you park infront of the entrance, you give your car keys to the valet and notice he's drunk! What would you do? Bar Aurora and Boteco Ferraz, two bars from Sao Paulo gave a try on their customers with this funny and educationnal prank.

Olvarit - An exclusive baby dinner

Nice initiative from Olvarit, Nutricia baby food brand. To launch their latest ingredient range they organized an exclusive tasting-dinner in a Michelin starred restaurant. And they invited babies to taste their latest products! Of course it only gets interesting when babies start to spin their plates.

This campaign reminds me of a truly great video, the trailer for the short movie "Las Palmas"... ;)

Advertising Gathering – Japan Rail

Smile-Inducing Ad Spot of the Day. Japan Rail had a really great idea. They told people they were going to film the new ad spot to introduce the new line connecting Kyushu to the bullet train system. And everybody showed up to be part of the commercial! A great example of how advertising can gather people together! VIA

Post-it: Kate and William

This ad was specially made for the wedding between prince William and Kate Middleton. The new Post-it notes Super Sticky are holding stronger and longer. With this play on current events 3M is wishing Will and Kate to stick together forever.

Toronto Crime Stoppers: Hat, Hoodie

Advertising Agency: DDB, Toronto, Canada VIA


Mr.Lee » Tailor to Superheroes and Villains

To promote DC Universe online, the new PlayStation 3 game, in which everyone can be a superheroe or a villain, we created an unusual tailor shop. Mr. Lee´s tailor shop is specialized in handcrafting custom suits for heroes and villains. So his clients can live the same experience as the game in the offline world.

Personalised Postcard with the Royal Flush Girls

Ever wanted to feature in your own personalised postcard with the Royal Flush Girls? By clicking through you can upload a photo of yourself or one of your friends’ photos and create a postcard in a number of scenarios from riding a jet-ski in the Caribbean to posing on the red carpet. Just by creating one of these quick postcards and sharing it with your Facebook friends you will receive a $500 welcome bonus for your account. Go here http://apps.facebook.com/partypokerpostcards/

Toronto Crime Stoppers: Anonymous

This commercial for Toronto Crime Stoppers is one that could definitely work. It is beautiful and shocking at the same time, a spot that gives you goose bumps. The tagline “You Stay Anonymous Criminals Don’t” was taken pretty literal when making this ad.

Sea Life Scheveningen: Raincampaign

Fresh Green Ads is a new initiative of the Amsterdam based agency Misterwilson. For the Sea Life centre in the city of Scheveningen they made this ‘raincampaign’. People mostly visit the Sea Life centre on rainy days, so on those days they need to advertise for it. Because of a special chemical the campaign is only visible when it rains and disapears when the streets dry up. The ad says “SEA LIFE laat je niet meer los” meaning nothing more than “SEA LIFE never lets you go”.

Budweiser: Poolball

Ogilvy Argentina developed an innovative action for Budweiser associated to the growth of a new and very singular sport: “Poolball”, an idea that links two great passions of men, nightlife and soccer. 
A giant pool table over 7×3 meters long, with 15 redesigned soccer balls. “Poolball” was presented in an exclusive event where over 600 people enjoyed and had fun with this new sport. On top of this, Fox Sports and ESPN broadcasted live.

Nissan: Exhaust Billboard

TBWA Chiat Day and Nissan have created a strategically placed, spectacular outdoor board directly outside the New York Auto Show. One side of the board has a working tailpipe that spews exhaust into the air and a headline that points to the 1000+ cars in the auto show that come with them. Only one of all the cars is 100% electric.. VIA

Lamborghini: Aventador

Lamborghini introduced the Avertador LP 700-4. To promote this luxury sports car a 3 minute “relentless force” commercial was made. Too bad almost non of us is the target group.


E-on – The Bill Drop

Cool work and concept by an electricity company called e-on! The company simply asks you to challenge your friends to lower the electric bill. The loser pays both bills :-) Eco results and money in your pocket through fun and games.


SOS Fauna: Elevator

Scary but clever. But I'd get pissed if I was late for a meeting.

Brilliant: Sloggi - Camera Found

Old Spice: White Isaiah Mustafa

Isaiah Mustafa, the star of all the Old Spice commercial, looks kind of pale don’t you think? The new spot of Old Spice is rather different than its old ones , but is still pretty funny. Goodbye Isaiah?


Sleeping Beauty - The dark version

Sleeping Beauty, one of films in string for the 64e Cannes festival. The young director Julia Leigh revisits the tale but this time in a darker version. Prostitution, beauty and drugs.

THE SCORE - 2 Fly (Produced By Labrinth)


Frequency. Listen to our side of the story.

Burberry's Holographic Runway Models

Burberry recently held a runway show in Beijing featuring holographic models. Which, fun fact: eat just as much as real ones. Admittedly, the holograms do look pretty impressive, they're just a little ridiculous to see all dressed up because holograms don't actually care if they're butt-ass naked, just as long as they're shiny and people think they're from the future they don't give a .... VIA

Simple Math – Official video for Manchester Orchestra

Unbelievably good. This is one of the best music video I've ever seen. Directed by Who Else.

Be Your Own Souvenir!

The title gives everything away!This project aims to connect street users, arts and science, linking them to under-laying spaces and their own realities. The installation was enjoyed during two weekends in January 2011 by the tourists, neighbours of La Rambla and citizens of Barcelona! Very cool and even cooler is that all the software used in this project is free and open. Created by blablabLAB

Canon: Waterproof Ambient

For those with a taste for adventure, there’s a camera as bold as the active life you lead. It’s the Canon PowerShot D10. Waterproof, freezeproof and shockproof. And how to prove this better by placing stickers of the camera in all kind of sinks.

SAS: Up for Grabs

This online Facebook campaign was created for Scandinavian Airlines. Users had to change their profile picture to one of the destinations they want to go to. A matching image had to be uploaded to their wall. The most creative images would win the trips. Unfortunately the capaign was against the Facebook advertising policy. VIA


Don't Tell Ashton

From Vimeo: "GOLD — EUROBEST INTERACTIVE 2010. By Interactive Communication 09/10 — Berghs School of Communication. We set out to create something that people could engage in and that could catch the attention of possible future employers and new students alike. We wanted to explore social currency and wanted to showcase the people and brands that we believe can make a difference just by being social online. For many people the idea of being foreverized on an artwork was a very attractive thought.
All in all our project turned out in a motion where people felt the sense of togetherness when telling everyone — except one. Don't Tell Ashton. http://donttellashton.com/


English rugby team preparing for the World Cup.
3D projection mapping is now being used for more than just light shows.

VIA @IdeaBounty

A Paper Record Player Wedding Invitation

NYC based designer Kelli Anderson created the most amazing wedding invitation in this universe: A Paper Record Player!

Crosswords for Retirees

MagazineLuiza is a department store in brazil that lets retirees make their purchases in more than 60 payments. They needed retirees to know about their special offer and they had a clever idea to target them. They used a crossword. Clever way to reach the target group!

David Beckam's Viral Tricks for Pepsi

Shure it's the recipe to get millions of views in just a few days. But come one, isn't these kind of virals getting kinda boring? I mean haven't we seen these like a trillion times before? Anyway, heres the recipe for the agency who wants to make an other one: Take a famous footballer (let's say David Beckam), pretend to film him in his everyday life (let's say on a beach), thanks to special effects make him realize awesome football tricks like if it was real (like hitting trash cans hundreds meters away), don't forget to place your product (here a Pepsi can), and you've got it! A viral video that we'll make the World Wide Web question itself: "Is it real? Is it fake? Is it lame?"

Save Lives - Interactive Abribus

The agency for health and social services of the city of Quebec created a great interactive bus shelter board to promote careers in the medical sector. People were asked to do the CPR to make the virtual patient come back to life. VIA

Mercedes Daring Ambient

The car owners were then invited for a test drive at Mercedes local distributor. EDIT: As Koboyboyboy mentionned it on Twitter, it's obviously an old campaign from 2007. But I guess this kind of genius ideas are timeless. Thanks @benoitbochu and VIA


Why haven't anyone done this before?
3 Personal Online Shop

Now that is incredible. Well done & like! By B-Reel in Stockholm, Sweden.

Big Bloom Bubble Gum Publicty Campaign is Full of Hot Air

I guess the people in Thailand have not heard of the 'Balloon Boy', as gum maker Big Bloom have created a marketing ploy that is very reminiscent of the failed publicity stunt. In all fairness, bubble gum lends itself well to the simple stunt gag when as all you need is a big pink balloon. The idea of a boy flying off on a big bubble of gum is nothing new either, as previous print ads from Pringles and rival gum makers HubbaBubba and SuperBomba all attest to. VIA

Wonderbra: Trampoline

Wonderbra has the reputation of a no nonsense approach of promoting their products. Wonderbra claims they have designed the perfect strapless bra, according to them a ‘nipplegate’ can be avoided if you wear this bra. To prove it, women can test it on a trampoline that was installed in a dressing room.

The Original Shirt Plate. Lazy Is The New Black.

The Original Shirt Plate for the Lazy man. The Original Shirt Plate attaches to a classic black cotton t-shirt using an ingenious system of washable hook and loop fasteners. Each Original Shirt Plate is made of plastic.
"A dream that one day he could have a plate of food that sat on his chest while he played video games."

Saudi Arabia Planning To Build A Mile High Skyscraper

CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR BETTER RESOLUTION! Saudi Arabia, head of Kingdom Holding Company recently, is planning on building the “Kingdom Tower” in Jeddah which will be 5280 feet high when completed. Designed by Adrian Smith, The tower will stretch one mile up into heavens and include 12 million cubic feet of space, several stories of office space, several stories for a hotel and four tiers of residential space, with the upper most tier reserved for "alternative energy generation" solutions (perhaps including a pendulum to keep the entire tower from collapsing).

House lifted by balloons - Behind the scenes

Ever wonder if what happened in the movie "Up" could actually happen in real life? The National Geographic Channel is releasing new video proving it could. A group of scientists, engineers, and world-class balloon pilots successfully lifted a house off the ground in Los Angeles. It was held up by three hundred colored weather balloons and flew for about an hour. The successful lift-off even set a new world record.

50 Years Ago, Man Entered Space

A real time recreation of Yuri Gagarin's pioneering first orbit, shot entirely in space from on board the International Space Station. The film combines this new footage with Gagarin's original mission audio and a new musical score by composer Philip Sheppard.


Autoerotique - Turn up the volume

“Turn up the volume”, the last clip from the group Autoerotique music, presented on the label Dim Mak Records. Realized by Miles Jay and Derek Blais, in this video coloured cream dance in slow fox trot motion with explosions. We like.

Street Advertising Takeover

Artists of street in Madrid decided to attack 106 advertising sites to replace them by messages pointing out the mercantile intentions. A clever idea carried out in 1 hour by more than 100 people from the organization PublicAdCampaign.

Ikea: 365 Commercials. Every day different.

The medium is the message, 365 different commercials in one year does give the impression that IKEA is a dynamic store with endless amounts of different products.

Fallsview Casino Commerical - "Lucky Dog"

Tropicana: Billboard powered by oranges

Advertising agency DDB (France) created a billboard that harnesses the energy from oranges to illuminate a neon sign that reads “Natural Energy” & the Tropicana logo. Through several thousand spikes of copper and zink, a lot of wiring and 3 months of testing they managed to make a giant multi-cell battery powerful enough to light up a billboard.


Dip Dip Nuggets

Simple and clever idea to promote Mc Donald's famous chicken McNuggets and its range of dip sauces. Elevator were used to create the illusion nuggets were dipped into sauces.

Asics Levitation Balls

Very interesting set-up by Asics. They put ping-pong look-alike balls together and with a blowing system managed to make the balls levitate to create the reproduction of a pair of Asics sneakers. An innovative way to advertise for a great result.

Hyundai's Impressive 3D Projection

As you may know brands doing 3D projection are more and more common. But this projection by Hyundai Accent has something different. It's not just a building projection, it's using vertical and horizontal surfaces and above all it's made around a Hyundai Accent car, fixed on the wall. Finally a 3D projection that stands out!

Machine Civilization, Robotic Dancing Reborn!

Machine Civilization, Robotic Dancing by World Order. Music by Genki Sudo /Takashi Watanabe, Words by Genki Sudo.


Creative Wonderbra Advertisements

Here you will find over 20 amazingly creative advertisements made for Wonderbra. Enjoy!

Wonderbra: Hello Boys

Wonderbra: Little red riding hood

Wonderbra: Big Hands

Wonderbra: Swimwear

Wonderbra: Father Son

Wonderbra: People Looking

Wonderbra: Hills

Wonderbra: Broken Glass

Wonderbra: Magazine

Wonderbra: Umbrella

Wonderbra: Safety Line

Wonderbra: Pencil Test

Wonderbra: Double D

Wonderbra: Pancake

Wonderbra: Christmas

Wonderbra: Scooter

Wonderbra: Oranges

Wonderbra: Buttons

Wonderbra: 3D Billboard

Wonderbra: Facebook

Wonderbra: ABRACADAbra

Wonderbra: The Economist