People are AWESOME!

People Are Awesome: A compilation of awesome people doing incredible things. Music: Mecha Love by Hadouken.

Best costume ever! The Transformer

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Get your friend Chocoed

Scaring people on Halloween is almost a must. This didn't scare me at all (True story). But I like Ritter... Nom nom nom

Client: Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co KG. Product: RITTER SPORT Chocolate. Agency: elbkind Hamburg. Photo: David Königsmann. Graphics and Web Production: buddybrand, Berlin.


BBC Knowledge - Honk If You're Human

A stop-motion animation for the BBC Knowledge. This was shot in-camera and in sequence from beginning to end. "All of the spot is in-camera on a multi-plane table in sequence. The characters are either paper or clay. All of the backgrounds are painted. Even the natural elements, like clouds and stars, were a layer of animated paint shot in-camera. Because of the way the transitions worked from one thing to the next, we had to be careful because there wasn’t any time to start over, really. The only shot that isn’t fully in camera would be the mouse shot that we mirrored for the clone effect. "


TODOR & PETRU - Awesome 2D effects

Love the awesome oldschool manga effects! This film was produced by five students from Gobelins school of image (BASTIE Remi, Nicolas Dehghani, Jonathan DJOB Nkondo, Nicholas and Jeremy PEGON WORST) as part of a traineeship at "WIZZ Design.
Techniques: Photos and 2D animations.

Awesome French commercial for Axe!

This is a Cool French commercial for Axe, you will watch it at least twice. ;)


Ford: Conquer The Ice

This is my latest work for Ford Motor Company. "Conquer the ice. Get new tires for better grip." Advertising Agency: Dedicate, Gothenburg, Sweden. Creative Director: Klas Ekstrand. Art Director: Marc Zacharoff. Copywriter: Torbjörn Wannerfelt. Illustrator: Bobby Works. Photographer: Thérese Ny. Published: October 2010

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35 classic movies in 2 minutes - Ultra simplified!

»35mm« is a shortfilm about cinema itself. We picked 35 of our favorite movies and tried to simplifly them as far as possible. The outcome is a 2 minute journey through the history of film. Take a close look and comment if you've recognized some or all!

Meanwhile, in New Zealand

Four grown men jump through a hula hoop... Awesome.

Really: New Windows Phone 7

Power Smart

The most ridiculous thing about wasting power is that for some reason we don't think it is ridiculous.

JetBlue - Don't take it in the air!

Pop your popcorn and sit back. Probably the best campaign you'll see this week:

At last, The Invisible Helmet

There's nothing worse than getting hit by a car riding a bike (but cars can't ride bikes!). Kidding, there are much worse things, like getting hit by a tractor trailer while riding a bike. Missiles and gunfire are also bad. The helmet design is dubbed Hövding and while consistently described as "invisible" is just really cleverly hidden:

Hövding is a discreet collar that the cyclist is wearing around his neck. The collar contains a folded airbag which is visible only at a collision. The airbag is designed as a hood that in case of an accident will enclose and protect the cyclist's head. Release mechanism is controlled by sensors that register abnormal movements of the rider in an accident.
A device like this is certainly appealing and would keep helmet-hair away, but I do wonder whether it could cause injuries in the same manner as an airbag in a car.


Checking In with Facebook Places

Hey they just started dinner at a restaurant in town! Let's rob their house!


Spinning 9mm Bullet on Ice

I believe it is real! They took the second video to prove it was real, watch here!
"Apparently, Mythbusters is going to film a segment to test the incredible case of the spinning bullet on ice. Many people are discussing if this is possible or not. After watching it repeatedly and reading the arguments, I believe it. Some people say that this is impossible. How can a .40 caliber bullet stop on the ice like that, losing all its forward momentum and still keep spinning? I don't know the what the physics are, but the video is pretty clear and I don't see any way of faking that, which is probably why Mythbusters is going to put it to the test."

Awesome Video Mapping: The 600 Years

Awesome Mapping during 600 years anniversary of the astrological tower clock situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague.


Fantastic real Candid Camera: the 1cent Experiment

Another kind of flashmob aka "Candid Camera". I would have peed in my pants if this happened to me ;)


Panasonic "No Expert" Advertisement

Haha I love it. Funny advertisement for the Panasonic Lumix G2.


Awesome Beer Portal