Evolutionary Husband – Samsung


Heineken - The Negotiation


The Vein / Magma + Making of

WTF Did I Just Watch?: Trippy 'Screengrab' Video

This is 'Screengrab', a video short made using multiple printed screencaps of some dude's hands, which then become part of the movie. At least I think -- I think that's what I watched. Honestly, I have no clue. Films are always hard for me and more often than not I'm left asking my friends what the hell is going on. I didn't even realize Bambi was the son of the deer that got killed at the beginning of the movie. Same goes for Simba. You know they should really make those movies a little more obvious considering they're for kids and all.

OZU University: Your Future Facebook Timeline

Now this is a pretty cool way to attract students to a brand new university in Istanbul. A Facebook app called ‘The Game of Your Life’ which basically lets students to ‘test drive’ their future if they went to OZU University.

Case Hidden Frame Volkswagen AlmapBBDO

Another cool YouTube play from Volkswagen, with this ‘Hidden Frame’ being used to promote their new side assist feature. The Ad utilises a standard YouTube feature, which is the ‘frame view’ when you mouse over the timeline… This isn’t extremely innovative, but it’s a pretty smart and fun way to get the message across. What do you guys think? Created by AlmapBBDO.

ORPHEA Billboard Trap

Orphea4D is an insect spray, and with summer approaching (and Cannes too!) they tried something a little different to get noticed, by creating a billboard advertisement that traps and kills insects. The campaign billboard was setup just like any other billboard, but this one had transparent glue in the shape of what would typically be the spray from the can, ultimately catching any insect that touched the billboard. I love tangible advertising demos. What do you guys think?



This is really smart.