Piano stairs at Odenplan, Stockholm


Tweet for #Philips_vs and win

Tribal DDB Amsterdam launches #Philips_vs. A website that uses the full power of Twitter. See Philips own material and if you dont like it, make a better one. Use Twitters 140 characters and be creative. Your chance to win a 21:9 TV for having a creative idea. This has got tremendous potential. Let's just say that #Philips_vs becomes trending topic on twitter? How many talks about your brand? Brilliantly done DDB! Go and be awsome, check out the site here.

This is Philips Vs the Sun. Can a Wake-up-light trick a rooster?

MINI Cabrio. Always Open Testdrive.

MINI Canada´s agency TAXI 2 felt that the new MINI Convertible deserved a special kind of test drive when they had one to try for a few days:
With a one-off strap-on of two outstretched arms, they drove around downtown Toronto drawing a lot of glances and reactions as they went.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson


No Thanks: World's Largest Alarm Clock

The world's largest alarm clock is actually the sun, but I'll look past that for the sake of this scary bitch, who's convinced he's made the largest. Now I don't want to ruin the video for you, but there is absolutely no way he originally designed that as an alarm.



The film District 9 and its viral campaign

Thirty years ago, aliens made first contact with Earth. Humans waited for the hostile attack, or the giant advances in technology. Neither came. Instead, the aliens were refugees, the last survivors of their home world. The creatures were set up in a makeshift home in South Africa as the worlds nations argued over what to do with them.

In a recent turn of events, major metropolitan cities such as New York and Los Angeles have joined the Multi-National United (MNU) in its efforts to isolate South Africa’s new class of citizens in an area known as “District 9.”

The term “citizen” may be inaccurate. These beings have caused a state of fear in South Africa that has brewed into discrimination and in many cases, hatred. World leaders are taking actions to designate restricted areas and broadcast public-service announcements including bus shelters and wall postings in order to monitor their activities. Here’s a closer look into District 9:

The puzzling announcements are making their presence felt on the streets of America’s 15 largest cities. Messages such as, “Bus bench for humans only” and “Beware! Non-humans secretions may corrode metal!” have enticed passersby to call the posted telephone number (listed beneath the unsettling phrase: “Report non-humans”) or enter its URL, D-9.com. Just in case you still haven’t figured it out, this is all part of a viral marketing campaign for Sony Pictures’ quasi-documentary style sci-fi thriller “District 9,” which arrives in theaters in August.

According to Dwight Caines, Sony’s president of digital marketing, there have already been 33,000 phone calls in just two weeks. Among those calls, 2,500 people actually left voice messages about alien sightings. Also, 92% of those calls came from cellphones, which means the outdoor campaigns are effectively engaging people on the spot.



D&AD Awards 2009: Viral Judging

In the final interview with this year's D&AD awards judges, Eliza Williams talks to Big Spaceship's Michael Lebowitz, the foreman of the Viral jury. Lebowitz discusses the semantics of the term "viral", the evolution of the digital industry and the fact that, while still in its infancy, there's already a sense of maturity emerging within the field…


Transforming Laptop Viral

Laptop turns into a rocket ship. Looks like a viral for the French E-mail company "Le Poste".

Online Shopping App Utilizing Augmented Reality And Motion Capture

We like to think of it as “Augmented Reality meets Utility”. This app allows you to seemingly hold articles of clothing up in front of yourself to see “how they look”. And the Motion Capture allows the app to track your movements so you can interact with the site (e.g. cycle through a product’s various colors/styles or take a picture of yourself so you can get immediate feedback from friends on Facebook) while standing several feet away from your computer’s controls. No extra downloads, no new plug-in, no consumer headache. To see the application in action, check out our video below.


The best copy ever

French child-porn PSA unmasks tormenters

Putting victims' faces on appeals to fight child pornography is a no-brainer. Taking a different tack, this ad for End Child Pornography And Trafficking (ECPAT) from BETC Euro RSCG, which broke in France a few weeks back, focuses instead on the middle-class Web surfer at the end of the supply-and-demand chain. The clip would be riveting even without the surrealistic "masks" worn by the abusers. But they immeasurably increase the creep factor and hammer home the point that Johnny Download is just as much to blame for the horror as the thugs filming the kids.


ARhrrrr - An augmented reality shooter

It's called 'ARhrrrr', which, despite sounding piratey, is actually a zombie game. "ARhrrrr" is an augmented reality shooter for mobile camera-phones, created at Georgia Tech Augmented Environments Lab and the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD-Atlanta). The phone provides a window into a 3d town overrun with zombies. Point the camera at our special game map to mix virtual and real world content. Civilians are trapped in the town, and must escape before the zombies eat them! From your vantage point in a helicopter overhead, you must shoot the zombies to clear the path for the civilians to get out. Watch out though as the zombies will fight back, throwing bloody organs to bring down your copter. Move the phone quickly to dodge them. You can also use a pack of Skittles (I shit you not!) as tangible inputs to the game, placing one on the board and shooting it to trigger an explosion.

Now, this game might not be the coolest shooter around but the way it uses the technology and how this could open up to new uses of the AR-media are intriguing. Why not have interactive billboards and/or animated Ad:s in the paper?! I'd like to see this on an iPhone soon!

More Augmented reality:
The Augmented Reality Experience
Toyota Reality Tech iQ showcase
BMW Z4 Augmented reality

Happy swedish midsummer

You might have heard of the Swedish midsummer tradition, the day when everybody in Sweden gets drunk and dance around a Maypole (yes it's true). Anyway, in 2006 IKEA Germany produced commercials where they made fun of the swedes and their Midsummer tradition. The commercials got banned by the head office at IKEA Sweden (IKEA is a Swedish company). Enjoy:


Hammer Pants Dance Flash mob

Group of dancers wearing Hammer Pants flashmob a trendy store and surprise hipsters in skinny jeans. It's HammerTime!


Red Bull Conducts Pit Stop In Times Square

It’s just another day in New York City, when Red Bull’s racing team hits the streets and conducts an actual NASCAR pit stop in Times Square. The team, including driver Brian Vickers, pleasantly surprised the accidental crowd with a tire change.



Spezify - a brand new way to search

Spezify is a search tool presenting results from a large number of websites in different visual ways. Spezify take web search further, away from endless lists of blue text links and towards a more intuitive experience. They want you to get a good overview of a subject, find useful information and be inspired with Spezify.

Spezify mix all media types and make no difference between blogs, videos, twitter / microblogs and images. Everything communicates and helps building the bigger picture.

Spezify is founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Felix af Ekenstam and Per Persson who have over 10 years experience within the creative digital industry. A beta was released late April 2009 and the first official version went online on the 15th of June.

Get your Spezify experience today: www.spezify.com


Post-it Animation at it's best.

The greatest user of post-its since your passive aggressive roommate.

It's a sneaker thing!

Nestle Puts Tweets Inside Ad Units

Nestle has turned to Twitter for an ad campaign to promote JuicyJuice, reports AdAge. Juicy Juice is not the first brand to integrate Twitter into an ad campaign, but it is the first to allow users to post tweets within an ad unit that appears anywhere on the web.

The ad unit will be tested for one month on mom-targeted sites BabyCenter and CafeMom. Questions will appear in the ad units, such as: How do you stimulate your child's mind? or How important are vitamin-enhanced foods to you? Users can respond with short messages, or tweets, directly in the ad.

If members are logged on to Twitter, the answers are posted directly to the ad; otherwise they will be directed to Twitter.com and asked to sign in. The postings also appear in users' Twitter feeds with a hashtag (the # symbol, used to group keywords or events for simpler searches on the site) to be moderated by Nestle, although there is the option of turning this function off.

Those who actually click on the ad unit are taken to the JuicyJuice YouTube channel, which contains a number of helpful videos on basic food hygiene.

Other brands that have incorporated Twitter into their ad efforts include Skittles and TurboTax. The difference between this campaign and others is that it allows a conversation to take place within the ad unit, rather than just syndicating tweets already posted on Twitter.

Real and imaginary - Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is a 23 year old Swede who excels in photo-handling. Original and refreshing, its final improvements combine real and imaginary.

iQ Toyota Augmented Reality Tech

iQ reality - a 3D interactive model of the iQ, created through augmented reality technology. The interesting thing with this augmented reality is that you can interact with the object. Find out more and download it for yourself from Toyota.co.uk!


Sorry I'm late

Impressive a video entirely in stop-motion, carried out on the ground of a gymnasium by the English artist Tomas Mankovsky. A history full with bounces on the various means of moving. To discover in the continuation.

Go here to see the making of: http://www.sorry-im-late.com/makingof.html

Words Hurt Too

A poignant publicity campaign for association Children & Adolescents Refers Center on an idea of the Brazilian agency Loducca. A simple and percussion message: “Words hurt too. Any kind off violence against children has crime”. Beautiful art direction and photography. But I'd like to see the words clearer. What does it say?


Say Hi to Chester French!

Chester French - the band I’d like to introduce to you today. Chester French is made up of two Harvard Uni graduates, D.A Wallach and Maxwell Drummey. The band are signed to ‘Star Trak’, Pharrell Williams’ record label. He’s described their sound as “kinda Beatle-esque, with hints of MoTown”.

Despite the obvious vintage influences penetrating through their music, Chester French have a refreshingly original sound going on. They’re diverse, experimental and generally pretty exciting - making great use of dead-catchy guitar riffs, trippy electro synths and kooky lyrics amid their super-cool music.

They are funny, look cool and make awesome music. Get their CD today and checkout their MySpace site.

Chester French on spotify/


Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do!

YouTwitFace - Google wave

In future, YouTube, Twitter & Facebook will merge to form the mega platform, YouTwitFace - Conan OBrien

Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year. Watch the demo video below.

Cool guys dont look at explosions

Iams: Frisbee

A targeted ambient idea to drive brand awareness and bring to life the benefit of lams dog foods: For healthy and "strong dogs". Plastic dog frisbees were created to look just like 10kg weights, then distributed for free in popular dog exercising areas of local parks.


On May 17 the exhibition of US realist painter TERRY RODGERS begins at the Scheringa Museum, Spanbroek, the Netherlands. At the same time TORCH Books is pleased to announce the release of "Dimensions of Ambiguity" a new comprehensive full-color catalogue of new works by RODGERS who is emerging as one of the most challenging visual artists working today. This is one book that I'd want. If you still havent seen his art check it out today.

More information and paintings: www.terryrodgers.com


Lacoste launches its new Lacoste Red! collection online and revamps its style with the help of Kris Moyes and Yuksek!

The dark side of the viral effect - Susan Boyle

By now, you might be one of the 65 million people who've watched the youtube clip of Susan Boyle—the 47-yr-old Scot who never had a French kiss—sing "I Dreamed a Dream" on Britain's Got Talent. The cameras course over the crowd. People in the audience who had previously rolled their eyes now grab their mouths. People who had laughed now gawk with disbelief. My God, they think - and we the youtube viewers rhythmically intone - talent can come from something ugly.

But with sudden fame comes something more. Is the pressure getting to Susan? She has apparently been involved in a second f*** word tantrum - this time at police. Boyle stormed off in tears as her entourage and police quickly followed. No arrests were made. Boyle went back to her room after the incident. Her rep tells London's The Times that the incident was caused by a nosy and persistent reporter. But another incident had her spewing the F-bomb at a TV screen in the bar of the same hotel while watching Morgan praise her 12-year-old competition on the show.

"From what I hear," Morgan said on CBS' "The Early Show" of the incident, "she's been in tears the last two days. She even threatened to leave the show yesterday at one stage because of the sheer amount of pressure on her. He adds: "The hotel she's in is crawling in tourists, crawling in the media.

There is also something disturbing about the collective rejection-embrace-elevation of Susan Boyle. There is the element of self-congratulation in the viral spread of this link around the Web, the idea that we, the secondary viewers, the judges of those who are judging, are far more evolved. There is the clip itself, suspiciously ready-made for online consumption: A 7-minute movie, slick and pithy in its perfect execution of the underdog narrative. (That something like "Rocky" took two hours to tell now seems antediluvian.) There is the classic David vs. Goliath subplot, the primal satisfaction of seeing the bully (Cowell) slain by such a seemingly inferior force.

Susan on sudden fame: "I won't be lonely anymore".
This reminds me of the fact that people feel the most alone when in a group with people they don't know...

All information in this post where taken from these Source's: ChicagoTribune, PsychologyToday, LaTimes, NYPost


IQ "Rus" - How are your drinking habits?

I have to admit that up here in the vodka belt (Sweden), where excessive drinking is the easiest, and often only way to meet new people, we tend to drink alot. I dont know the exact numbers but we drink more than 10 liters of alcohol per person each year. And this number is growing.

This is a Swedish commercial from IQ. The purpose of IQ's activities is to promote a smarter approach to alcohol - create a change in attitude and behavior in society that result in reduced alcohol consumption and thereby reduce alcohol harm. The Ad ends with the words "Var rädd om dig", translated "Take care".

General Motors Reinvention

Tip of the day: Purchase Rolex Watches at 90% off! Click here. General Motors has launched an advertising campaign to ensure that the public continue their loyalty for their brands, despite news about filing for bankruptcy protection. GM brands likely to stay are Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC. The Pontiac will be phased out by the end of 2010. The Hummer, Saturn, and Saab (Sweden) brands are being sold. That leaves GM Daewoo (Korea), Opel (Germany), Vauxhall (UK), Holden (Australia), and Wuling (China).



Oasis - Two girls one duck!

Bizarre, strange and very weird... Drink brand Oasis has unleashed a giant water-hating rubber duck onto the streets of Japan in a bid to engage with its target audience of twentysomethings. RubberDuckZilla is the central character in the brand’s latest integrated ad campaign, which aims to promote people’s freedom to choose what they drink.

The campaign is the latest in the brand’s ‘For people who don’t like water’ series, which launched three years ago. It will include online, TV, press and outdoor advertising. Catherine Sleight, marketing director for Coca-Cola Great Britain, which owns the Oasis brand, said, “The multi-channel approach of the campaign, comprising digital, outdoor and targeted media partnerships, has been designed to drive standout for Oasis in this competitive segment.” Campaign creative is by Mother, with media planning/buying by Vizeum.

Skittles Commercial - Jesse Jacobs Mindbender

TV commercial director Jesse Jacobs has conceived, designed and directed MINDBENDER, a new comedy and effects spec commercial for Mars candy brand Skittles. Jacobs, an award-winning designer, brought a plethora of industry talent to bear on this showcase spot, including Hollywood visual effects company Eden FX; editorial house Edit 89 in New York, and to serve as co-creative director/co-copywriter, Brian Nash, former creative director at Draft FCB in Chicago and currently a creative director at Maddock Douglas in Elmhurst, Illinois.

MINDBENDER opens in a rundown Hollywood pool hall as a poker-faced pool player ends a game of 8-ball by guiding the game ball into the corner pocket with a geometrically impossible shot. "Hey, you're that telekinetic guy". This Ad just won Silver at Worldfest.

Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling 2009

Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling 2009 video highlights (!). Every year daring competitors throw themselves down a death-defyingly steep hill in Gloucestershire, England, in a bid to win a coveted Double Gloucester cheese, and this year's event was no different - with a number of competitors incurring injuries. Local cheese rolling legend Chris Anderson won 2 of the 5 races on the day, and can be seen in the video sporting his usual bright green top and flying past the camera.


"I'll get You" Classixx feat. Jeppe/ Kitsuné x The Cobrasnake EP

Exclusive video directed by Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter. When the most famous photoblog in the world meets the nicest music label on Earth, you get a wonderful association presenting the finest of the new American scene. Please, welcome Kitsuné x The Cobrasnake! Out on digital Worldwide 06-01-2009!

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